Sunday, 2 March 2014

BERT'S APPLE CRUMBLE: Our review of Button Up's 'Covered EP', also features a little interview with bass player Garry!

Below is our review of Button Up's latest EP - 'Covered'! You can also read bass player Garry talk us through each of the covers below!
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Here, we give the 'Covered EP' a little review!
"Button Up are in the process of recording a brand new album entitled 'Beat Street', however, in the meantime we can not get enough of their latest EP - 'Covered'. 'Covered' features four cover songs selected by the band that have influenced them along away and provided a fine snapshot of their musical prowess currently. The EP itself kicks off with the soulful 'I Got A Line On You' which builds itself up into a crescendo to finish. Meanwhile, 'If I Could Only Be Sure' has charmingly seductive vocals with expert instrumentation. The signature Button Up hammond again features heavily and effectively so. This is followed by the best track on the EP. This comes in the form of the groovy, infection, mesmerising interpretation of The Quik's 'Bert's Apple Crumble'. The song, an instrumental, will no doubt fill the floor of many an all-nighter in years to come. The song is simply perfection from the handclaps in the gradually built up introduction to the superb drum fill on the snare drum that introduces that hammond again to the punching bass line - outstanding. The set concludes with the soulful 'I Spy For The FBI', lead by funky horns and that good old hammond (again!). All in all then, a top EP - ten out of ten!"
Here, bass player Garry talks us through the choice of songs on the EP and refuses to tell us about the band's studio antics!
'I Got A Line On You'
"Heard it years ago on a sixties comp and always wanted to cover it. Original version by Spirit. I added horns with our Sara on big vocals, makes it that bit special."
'If I Could Only Be Sure'
"It's a northern soul classic by Nolan Porter. Weller covered it on the 'Studio 150 album, but not any female singer versions. I love the outro Sara gives it all, very moving."
'Bert's Apple Crumble'
"Best dance floor track I've heard in years by The Quik. Just wasn't long enough so we covered it so we could dance some more."
'I Spy For The FBI'
"Another northern soul classic by Jamo Thomas (sixties) and The Untouchables, eighties LA mod band. Love the song since I heard it years ago and again not many female versions."
When asked for some funny studio moments Garry's only response was...
"It's always fun in the studio and I never tell stories haha!"
All pictures in this feature are taken from the Button Up official facebook page!

Thanks to Garry for chatting to us!

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