Friday, 19 September 2014

JOY: Scottish electro rockers Crash Club bring Joy to Edinburgh with a late night gig at AMMA!

Crash Club @ AMMA - The Review

Scotland's finest up and coming electro rockers Crash Club played a breathtaking, late night set at one of Edinburgh's finest indie venues last month. The venue was of course AMMA and the band really brought the place to life. The set was fully instrumental which was surprising considering all their releases to date have featured lyrics and vocals; many also have strong, stadium-like choruses, think "Joy", "Jawbreaker", "Recondition". However the instrumental approach at this gig brought the songs to life even more and put an emphasis on the strong dance nature of the tracks. It also made you realise the great melodic hooks, perhaps demonstrated best in the penultimate track in the set, "Joy", which was quite simply sensational to witness live and probably the highlight of the night. The set itself opened with "Good Beat" and was certainly well received as anything and the new tunes ("Outro" and "Go-Kane") were also first class and give you a fine snapshot as to where this band is heading. These were mixed in well with the oldies such as "Tesla" and "Jawbreaker". All in all, the Crash Club live experience is definitely something that you need to catch and catch it soon; you won't be disappointed. 


Good Beat

Aran McHarg - The Quick Fire Round

We also caught up with Crash Club guitarist Aran McHarg to get a glimpse into some of his likes and dislikes, both musical and non-musical. Check it out below. 

AB Records: "Favourite Beatle?"

Aran: "George."

AB Records: "Favourite band?"

  Aran: "LCD Soundsystem."

AB Records: "Favourite new band?"

Aran: "Jagwar Ma."

AB Records: "Favourite song?"

Aran: "LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge."

AB Records: "Favourite album?"

Aran: "The National - High Violet."

AB Records: "Vinyl, CD or download?"

Aran: "Vinyl."

AB Records: "When you press shuffle on your iPod, what is the first track that comes on?"

Aran: "The Doors - Peace Frog."

AB Records: "Style icon?"

Aran: "Nick Valensi, The Strokes."

AB Records: "Favourite film?"

Aran: "Eagle Vs Shark."

AB Records: "Favourite TV show?"

Aran: "The Returned."

AB Records: "Who would play you in a film of your life?"  

Aran: "Colin Hunter, Crash Club drummer!"

AB Records: "Favourite food?"

Aran: "Pizza."

AB Records: "Football team?"

Aran: "Glasgow Celtic."


Check out Crash Club at the following link -

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