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DIFFERENT BEAT: An interview with the brilliant Broxton Hundred about their latest single and a review as well!

The Broxton Hundred have recently released their second single and the follow up to "Circles". The track is entitled "Different Beat" and is classic Broxtons - an instantly catchy number with hints of psychedelia and a pop edge that proves to be irresistible.
Below we catch up with drummer Rich Ormond to discuss what the band have been up to since the release of "Circles", a bit about the new single and about some of Rich's favourite things - musical and non-musical. We also have a go at reviewing the track.
Hi Rich, thanks for taking the time to chat to me. It's been a while since your last release. What have the band been up to since the release of "Circles"?
Rich: "Ha it has been a while we know! Well we played a fair amount of shows and we got the set sounding pretty tight so we just enjoyed letting others hear the songs. Highlights were supporting Bonehead and the Manchester show at Pretty Green...oh and the November show with the Clone Roses. You may also notice three became four; Joey Berry joined us on the bass."
The new single is classic Broxtons and its fair to say that I am a big fan of it already. What is the A-side, "Different Beat", about and what would you say influenced the track?
Rich: "Cheers Tom, well the fact is this tune is one that Rich Lucas and Gaz had from there former band although we've made it more catchy! As for knowing what it's about you'll have to ask Lucas...maybe he's trying to say he wants some different drums from me...hope not though."
What about the B-side, "Just Another Girl"?
Rich: "Like a few of our songs, and I imagine like a lot of bands, this started off as a bit of a jam in the rehearsal room. Joey put a banging bass line to it and it was born."
What is up next for The Broxton Hundred?
Rich: "We have a busy year planned. We have some interest from a well connected contact and have a meeting this month to plan out the year ahead. There will be two more releases earlish in the year and we'll get out and play a load more gigs."
Any plans to venture up north to do some gigs in Scotland?
Rich: "Yeah can't see why not, northern shows and shows outside London are a bit more enjoyable. Think it's done to London being so diluted, not saying those gigs aren't good but it's just...well dunno, can't really explain it without sounding like a London hater which of course I'm not."
And finally, who would be in your dream supergroup?
Rich: "Easy; Richard Lucas, Gaz Gerrard, Joey Berry and me."
Favourite Beatle?
Rich: "George."
Favourite band or singer?
Rich: "The Stone Roses."
Favourite song?
Rich: "It changes daily...can't answer that."
Favourite album?
Rich: "The Stone Roses debut."
Dream collaboration?
Rich: "See above."
Vinyl, CD or download?
Rich: "Vinyl yes, CD no, download yes. Vinyl is a better sound than CD, there's no lost quality on sound as nothing's been compressed. They lied to us about CD's and they've been too expensive."
When you press shuffle on your iPod, what is the first track that comes on?
Rich: "Never press shuffle, I'm a creature of habit."
Style icon?
Rich: "Bobby Gillespie."
Favourite film?
Rich: "Withnail And I."
Favourite TV show?
Rich: "Breaking Bad...gutted it's over."
Favourite food?
Rich: "Burritos...fucking mega."
Football team?
Rich: "West Ham."
The latest offering from The Broxton Hundred has arrived and it certainly does not disappoint. Entitled "Different Beat" it captures the psychedelic nature of the Broxtons sound that has been hinted at in previous recordings such as "She Brings The Light" and "Who Put The Weight Of The World On Your Shoulder". The tune also manages to retain that irresistible groove and funk edge that we have grown to know and love.
The B-side, "Just Another Girl", is equally as strong. This track leans slightly more towards the pop side of the band's sound but again it has that funk edge that is becoming the signature of the Broxtons sound.
Overall, this is another strong instalment in the Broxtons back catalogue and sits well alongside "Higher Surroundings" and "Circles".
Hope you enjoyed this feature on The Broxton Hundred.
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