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NOT INTERESTED: We catch up with Button Up bass player and songwriter Garry John Kane ahead of the release of their brand new single "Not Interested"!

Button Up are Scotland's premier soul outfit of the moment. With a whole host of albums, EPs and singles behind them already, they are heading into a new exciting chapter; with a new line up and a new album in the pipeline, it's a good time for the band.
We catch up with bass player and songwriter Garry John ahead of the release of their new single, "Not Interested". We also have a go at reviewing the track.
Hi Garry John, how you doing? What have the Button Up band been up to since we last chatted?
Garry John: "Been gigging and writing new material. First single 'Not Interested' is out not - plug, plug."
Around the time of our last interview and the release of your third album there was a slight change in line up. How and why did this change come about?
Garry John: "Our singer and drummer left after 'Beat Street' to do their own music so I quickly got some young blood in and it's exploded ever since. Been such a joy to play with this line up, very exciting."
What would you say the new members bring to the band?
Garry John: "Great energy and playing. They have added everything from enthusiasm to friendship to performance. The gigs have been great and everyone is enjoying being in the band which helps."
You played a charity gig in Coatbridge around Christmas time. How did this go? Was it a success?
Garry John: "Yes, the gig was great and sold out so we raised a lot for the local Food Bank charity and Maggie's cancer. Great support from local band Ripley too."
You are currently releasing a brand new single entitled "Not Interested". What is the track about and what would you say influenced it?
Garry John: "It's about people with delusions of what they are but also it's a pop song so you can make up your own mind when you listen to it."
What's up next for Button Up?
Garry John: "Video for the single and some gigs in March to promote the new single. Saturday 21st March at Stereo in Glasgow, Sunday 22nd March at Tunnels in Aberdeen and Saturday 28th March at Brown Bull in Lochwinnoch."
Last one; who would be in your dream supergroup?
Garry John: "Donald Duck Dunne (Booker T) on bass, John Bradbury (The Specials) on drums, Mick Jones (The Clash) on guitar, Ian McLagan (Small Faces/Faces) on keys and Otis Redding on vocals."
Favourite Beatle?
Garry John: "George Harrison."
Favourite band or singer?
Garry John: "James Brown."
Favourite new band or singer?
Garry John: "King Khan And The Shrines."
Favourite song?
Garry John: "Green Onions."
Favourite album?

Garry John: "Mr Soul - James Brown."
Dream collaboration?

Garry John: "Button Up with The Hives."
Vinyl, CD or download?

Garry John: "All three but vinyl is special."
When you press shuffle on your iPod, what is the first track that comes on?

Garry John: "Usually Button Up!"
Style icon?

Garry John: "Mid sixties look."
Favourite film?

Garry John: "Young Frankenstein."
Favourite TV show?

Garry John: "The Thick Of It."
Who would play you in a film of your life?

Garry John: "Tom Sellick."
Favourite food?

Garry John: "Thai."
Football team?

Garry John: "Celtic and Albion Rovers."


The pioneers of modern Scottish hammond sound are back again with another strong single. This time entitled "Not Interested", it is written by bass player and Proclaimers member Garry John Kane. The track is yet more proof of the supreme musicality of this Coatbridge-based band and moves and grooves through two minutes of soul, funk and Hammond a plenty. It provides a fine follow up to their third studio album and will surely be doing the rounds in any music lover's summer playlist.

To conclude, if this track is any indication of what is to come in the next stage of Button Up's career them bring on that fourth album.

Hope you enjoyed this feature on Button Up, be sure to check out our previous feature on The Phantoms!

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