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AL CAPONE: The boys from The Harrington Blues have a chat to us about their latest single, touring with Ocean Colour Scene and much, much more!

1 - Have you been involved with/been in bands prior to The Harrington Blues?
Other than Jack being in a covers band before, this is the only band any of us have ever been in.
2 - How did The Harrington Blues begin?
It started with Sorb and Ben strumming on guitars in the back of a council van before Tom would let us practice in his front room. After a while we decided we needed another guitarist and a singer so went on the look out around the town and found Josh and Jack (the pirate).
3 - Where did the name The Harrington Blues come from?
The name came from a sky blue Harrington that Sorbi used to wear. In the early days we had been jamming together but never had a name, so that was it decided in Quay hole Kate's over many bears...The Harrington Blues.
4 - How would you describe the sound of The Harrington Blues?
We see it as a mix of influence from 90's Britpop and rock 'n' Britpop 'n' roll I suppose.
5 - Your debut single, 'Al Capone', is a high energy indie anthem. What is the song itself about and can you explain the reference to the infamous gangster?
'Al Capone' is basically about a group of lads bombing around town thinking they're top boys, the dons, thinking they can do what they like, when in fact they're nothing..."you're not Al Capone".
6 - The video for 'Al Capone' features a group of individuals participating in a robbery who bump into you after exiting the shop. Is this based on a true story?
No, sadly nothing that exciting has happened to us. But after the video I think we're well practiced to step in to be the heroes.
7 - You've already toured with 90's Britpop legends Ocean Colour Scene. How did it feel being asked to open for such a legendary band and has it had a boost for your career?
For us it was a highlight so far, we're all massive fans of Ocean Colour Scene as well. It was new to us, the big professional set up, huge stage, lighting, P.A., blokes running around everywhere. But the crowd was the main thing, the better the crowd, the better the gig.
8 - Who would be your dream collaboration?
There's loads of people we would love to work with, but if we had to pick one. I think Dizzee Rascal without a doubt. It would be different but amazing. The bloke's a legend. Who wouldn't want to get it on with Dizzee.
9 - Any new songs in the pipeline? 
Yeah, we've been working on quite a few new ones recently down the shed where we practice, we've got some different sounding songs coming through and some right belters that I can't wait to start playing live. 
10 - When can fans expect the next official release from the band and will it be released physically this time round?
It's going to be bigger and better, we've been recording a few demos recently which were going to put out on an EP. We've found a few tunes for the next single and we're going to be working with produced Jamie Lewis on getting a belter of a track done, dusted and released. We're mega excited about it, knowing some of the people that Jamie has worked with. We're hoping to push it through the BBC Introducing and get ourselves heard a bit more. As far as a physical idea.
11 - Any live dates coming up?
We've been writing and recording the last couple of months so were gagging to get back out and gig. We're playing a hometown gig in Stamford in September to kick start it all and are headlining Camden Barfly later in the year (date to be confirmed) but we have a few other gigs in the pipeline. Check out our Facebook for more info on those.
1 - Favourite band?
Ben: Oasis
Josh: Arctic Monkeys
TA: Arctic Monkeys
Richard (Sorbi): The Harrington Blues
Jack (Ralph the Pirate): Arctic Monkeys
2 - Favourite new band?
Ben: Palma Violets
Josh: Two Door Cinema Club
TA: Alt J
Richard (Sorbi): Palma Violets
Jack (Ralph the Pirate): Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
3 - Favourite song?
Ben: Same Old Song - The Four Tops
Josh: Not Nineteen Forever
TA: Move On Up - Curtis Mayfield
Richard (Sorbi): Dreaming Of You - The Coral
Jack (Ralph the Pirate): Toe Rag - The Rifles
4 - Favourite album?
Ben: Definitely Maybe - Oasis / No Love Lost - The Rifles
Josh: Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not - AM
TA: Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not
Richard (Sorbi): No Love Lost - The Rifles
Jack (Ralph the Pirate): Suck It And See - Arctic Monkeys
5 - Vinyl, CD or download?

Ben: CD
Josh: CD
Richard (Sorbi): CD
Jack (Ralph the Pirate): CD
6 - Style icon?

Ben: Anyone that looks cool
Josh: Mick and Macca
TA: Kevin - Kevin and Perry Go large
Richard (Sorbi): Richard Sorbi
Jack (Ralph the Pirate): Ricki Hall
7 - Favourite clothing brand?

Ben: Merc/Pretty Green
Josh: Farah
TA: Fred Perry
Richard (Sorbi): Merc
Jack (Ralph the Pirate): Fred Perry
8 - Favourite film?

Ben: Anything with Denzel or Stephen Graham in it
Josh: Shawshank Redemption
TA: Gladiator
Richard (Sorbi): Inglorious Bastards
Jack (Ralph the Pirate): This Is England

9 - Favourite TV show?
Ben: Attenborough shows
Josh: 8 Out Of 10 Cats
TA: Idiot Abroad
Richard (Sorbi): Homeland
Jack (Ralph the Pirate): Simpsons
10 - Who would you like to play you in a film of your life?
Ben: Stephen Graham or Denzel
Josh: Jude Law
TA: Tom Cruise
Richard (Sorbi): Warwick Davis (local lad)
Jack (Ralph the Pirate): Leo Di Caprio - top bloke
11 - Favourite food?
Ben: Roast beef
Josh: Carrot
TA: Chillies
Richard (Sorbi): Pasta
Jack (Ralph the Pirate): Chicken - it's my favourite thing
12 - Football team?
Ben: The Posh - Peterborough United
Josh: Posh - Peterborough United
TA: Arsenal
Richard (Sorbi): Posh
Jack (Ralph the Pirate): Man City
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