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FOREVER UNMASKED: Nick from New Street Adventure has a chat to us about his love for soul music, the story behind 'The Big A.C.' and he reveals how New Street Adventure began...with an N!



1 - Had you experimented/been in other bands before New Street Adventure?


Just bands at school, this is my only musical venture really, although some of the boys have been in various bands before.


2 - How did New Street Adventure begin?


With an N


3 - Where did the name New Street Adventure come from?


My love of music comes from my Dad, who played us soul from a very young age. I wanted the name to be some sort of homage to my dad. He used to take us to a news stand in south east London when we were younger for sweets and it always seemed like a big adventure so news treat adventure became new street adventure. Weird I know


4 - How would you describe your music?




5 - What records were on around the house when you were growing up, was it mostly soul music? Or was soul music something you discovered later on in life?


Bobby Womack: I remember 'Messin up a good thing' and 'Home is where the heart is' playing in the living room when I was 5or 6! Also Aretha, Stevie Wonder- I went through various phases but came back to soul at about 18.


6 - Since forming as a 3 piece you have grown into a much larger collective. Was this always where you planned on taking the band or was it just a natural process?


It was natural really but once Ashley joined the band and we had two really decent musicians (the other being the drummer!) in the band I thought I may as well go the whole hog! We've been so lucky with the guys we met; it means I can concentrate more on singing as I don't have to play guitar in every song- our show is much better as a result! 


7 - 'The Big A.C.' was one of the first songs of yours that I ever heard. Can you tell us the story behind that song and who is that dancer in the video of 'The Big A.C.' on your YouTube page!? (He's got some moves man!)


The first time my Dad took me to the 100 club I was having a piss and saw 'whoever thought standing here would be a waste of time?' graffitied behind the toilet. For some reason it stuck with me and turned into a song about immersing yourself in all this amazing old music. The big AC is a nickname one of my mates gave my dad when we were on holiday years ago- Dads a bit of a local legend in Uckfield! Sadly they've painted over the graffiti, I'd love to know who wrote it. The dancer?! You have to make it along to one of our gigs and you're sure to meet him!


8 - The latest EP was called 'Say It Like You Mean It'. Why?


It's a line in one of the songs; I chose it because a lot of my songwriting is very personal and the lyrics are very truthful. I thought it summed up what we do pretty well


9 - You have recently signed to the legendary Acid Jazz label. How is it being on such a incredible record label with a large legacy? Does it put any pressure on you or does it spur you on to become part of that legacy?


It spurs you on really. Obviously there have been some amazing Acid Jazz records and our aim is to make the best one yet!


10 - Who would be your dream collaboration and have you collaborated with anyone so far in your career?


I'd say Alex Turner- he's one of the only songwriters I really have respect for and I like everything he's done. I would say Bobby Womack as he's my hero but I would be so in awe I don't know if it'd be right?!


11 - Any new songs in the pipeline?


Too many! We'll be experimenting a bit more with the new stuff as well...


12 - You've released two EP's and one single to date. Are there any plans for a full-length studio album?


There certainly are, watch this space!


13 - Are there any live dates coming up?


Sherry sound festival in Jerez, Spain on 24th august, Blind tiger in Brighton on 25th August, water rats in kings cross on 28th August, dingwalls in Camden on 12th September, Camden barfly 4th October, cafe GIGO in Cardiff November 23rd, lennons in Southampton 24th November, more tba!



1 - Favourite band? Arctic monkeys

2 - Favourite new band? New street adventure

3 - Favourite song? Bobby Womack 'home is where the heart is'

4 - Favourite album? What's goin on

5 - Vinyl, CD or download? Download- let's be realistic, vinyl is coolest but if you want people to hear you...

6 - Style icon? Roy Hodgson

7 - Favourite clothing brand? John Simons 

8 - Favourite film? Aristocats

9 - Favourite TV show? Curb your enthusiasm or the office

10 - Who would you like to play you in a film of your life? Denzel Washington

11 - Favourite food? Burrito

12 - Favourite sport? football

13 - Football team? Norwich City!


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