Sunday, 2 February 2014

STRANGE THINGS (HAPPENING EVERY DAY): Our review of the brilliant debut album from The Shiverin' Sheiks!

Below if our review of the brilliant debut album from the Shiverin' Sheiks entitled 'A Curious Case Of...The Shiverin' Sheiks'!
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"'A Curious Case Of...The Shiverin' Sheiks' is the debut album from Glasgow's much loved rock and roll band The Shiverin' Sheiks. The fifteen tracks featured display the wide range and varying styles that the band has become renowned for. Everything from good old rock and roll, to country, to rhythm and blues, to jazz, to prohibition-era pop, to gospel can be accounted for. The songs themselves are all covers and are taken from a wide range of sources - everyone from Bing Crosby to Chuck Berry to Sister Rosetta Tharpe and of course a Leiber/Stoller number in the form of 'Fools Fall In Love' which is a definite highlight. 'Guided Missiles' and 'Strange Things (Happening Every Day)' - the two tracks from their double A-sided single - also provide highlights with both songs being melodically infectious and upbeat. And of course, the Larry Williams number that opens the set ('Slow Down') does not disappoint either and the countrified version of 'Cadillac' is outstanding! All in all, this band definitely are bringing back old school rock and roll and bringing it back well! We now cannot wait to hear their all-originals follow up under the pseudonym of The Strange Blue Dreams!"
1 - "Guided Missiles"
2 - "Fools Fall In Love"
3 - "Strange Things (Happening Every Day)"
4 - "Where The Blue Of The Night (Meets The Gold Of The Day)"
5 - "Slow Down"
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