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IF I WASN'T ME: Our feature on Little Liam's latest EP 'If I Wasn't Me'!

Below if our feature on Little Liam's latest offering, the 'If I Wasn't Me' EP! You can see our review of the EP alongside a track by track from Liam and some excerpts of an interview we did with him last year! Enjoy!
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Here, AB Records reviews the EP!
"Little Liam have already released an acoustic live album ('Live From The Heart') and a demo EP ('The Beginning'), the former features just two guitars and a voice while the latter features just a piano and a voice. This makes 'If I Wasn't Me' the first full band offering from Birmingham's very own Little Liam and the presence of the rest of the band add double to the final sound. This is saying something as the two acoustic offerings to date are mind blowing. The EP can easily draw comparisons to the likes of The Bluetones, Oasis and especially Ocean Colour Scene. This is no surprise considering frontman Liam Garland was effectively mentored by the OCS boys and there are tales that he played tambourine on the Liam Gallagher/Steve Cradock recording of 'Carnation' when he was just a teenager. However, Liam's songwriting stands out and covers a wide variety of styles - the rock 'n' roll of 'Last Dragz' and 'I Get This Feeling'; the folk rock of 'You Don't Know' and 'Just When I Thought' and the smooth rock of the eponymous title track 'If I Wasn't Me'. Highlights are definitely the two opening tracks 'I Get This Feeling' and 'Last Dragz' as they are simply amazing rock 'n' roll tunes which, at the end of the day, you can't beat. However, the remaining three tracks all have special qualities as well and there is not one weak track on the EP. Also, congratulations have to go to Ange Pyatt for the trumpet and background vocals on the final track 'Just When I Thought' which take the track to a whole different level to the previously released version on 'Live From The Heart'. The only disappointment is the fact that the EP clocks in at less than fifteen minutes! However, we can all be reassured that Little Liam have plenty of unreleased material much of which can be checked out in demo or live format at their soundcloud page. Keep on keeping on Little Liam!"
Here, we catch up with frontman Liam Garland who talks us through the EP track by track!
I Get This Feeling
"Wrote this song after my second gig! I supported Pyro's ex-band Copious in Birmingham and this gig and meeting Jim made me feel so great!"
Last Dragz
 "Sorry I wrote this while I was smoking loads of weed but I gave it up and  try to just test it moderately!"
You Don't Know
"About trying to do something your or my own way, and one of the first proper decent songs I wrote!"
If I Wasn't Me
"Personal song really and weird because I was going through a tough time and  things play on your mind, I was worrying too much about what people thought and basically looking in from the outside I'd be able to see what that was but only 'if I wasn't me'!"
Just When I Thought
"Was really just a tune I made at home and never thought nothing of until Jim was certain it had to be in our set, the first night I showed him his hairs were standing on end! Then Ange joined the band and added to it so much it's now kinda expected at gigs!"
How did Little Liam begin?
"Little Liam began years after my previous band ended. I was recording all my music at home and learning all the instruments to be able to make it sound like a band rather than on my own, we had problems with the last band and people left so it pushed me back a little bit, I went home and over the next couple of years went on to write most of the songs which we now play at our gigs!"
How would you describe the sound of Little Liam?
"We have tried to figure this one out ourselves because it's kind of unique but again we go with smooth rock."
Earlier this year you were joined on stage by Simon Fowler of Ocean Colour Scene. How did this come about and how did it feel to be playing alongside a true legend?
"Amazing! Absolutely amazing! It's a weird one, Ocean Colour Scene were supposed to be playing in Scotland but unfortunately got cancelled and Simon saw us listed in the line up for Welfest so he contacted the organiser to ask me if he could join for a couple of songs! Wow! Ideally again, it would have been him joining the band onstage but it was all so quick we didn't prepare for it and if you have someone like Simon Fowler joining you, you have to be on form!"
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