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RECONDITION: We have a chat to Neal from Scottish electro rockers Crash Club and also review their brand new single, "Recondition", featuring Ian MacKinnon of Medicine Men!

Crash Club are a Scottish electro rock band that specialise in combining the best elements of the gritty electro world and the old school rock and roll world. They have recently supported Klaxons and have played a couple of exciting Halloween gigs as well.
The band have recently released their second single, entitled "Recondition". The track features Medicine Men's very own Ian MacKinnon on vocals and is a fine follow up to their debut single, "Jawbreaker". It is available as a free download via Crash Club's official Soundcloud page.
In this feature we catch up with bass player Neal McHarg to have a chat about all things Crash Club and some other stuff too*. We also write up a review of "Recondition".
* Interview was done a couple of months back so the gig dates listed are from August/September!
Hi Neal, thanks for taking the time to chat to us. First question we want to ask is what your first musical memory is and what kind of records were on around the house when you were younger?
Neal: "My first musical memory would probably be when I was in Primary 7, I used to copy music I liked from the radio onto a tape, probably really dodgy stuff as well and the challenge was to try do it with the DJ being on the tape. Was always crap at that though! For me and Aran, our Carol (our mum) never really had music on around the house, it would be at the weekends we'd hear our first proper musical influences even if we didn't know it then, my auld boy's misses at the time loved Neil Young, Christy Moore, The Smiths, Oasis, Stone Roses, loads of other stuff too but can't remember."
How did Crash Club begin?
Neal: "The band began when Aran and myself had just left our first band. Sammy wanted to try remix a track we had done with that band so we popped up to the home studio he had, and before long we'd kinda moved a million miles away from the remix and started writing some beats, that was the beginning for us. Probably took another year before the idea of going live came about though."
Where did the band name come from?
Neal: "It was Sammy that came up with the name, it was actually between two names, Crash Club or Clash Club."
Your debut single was entitled “Jawbreaker” and was a really strong track. What was the tune about and what would you say influenced it?
Neal: "See it's funny because when we're writing the actual tunes on the synths and then the live parts, we pretty much just go with the flow. The track names came from what we think the track reminds us of, in this case 'Jawbreaker' reminded us of a kinda swagger towards a fight. 'Recondition' is different though, it's title came right out of the song!"
Your upcoming single “Recondition” is a collaboration with Ian MacKinnon of Medicine Men and Selective Service. How did this collaboration come about?
Neal: "Like all the songs we collaborate on, it's with our good mates. Ian is a brilliant lad, a good mate of ours, and just so happens we loved the bands he's been in, including his first band Dresden (long before I even knew him). We played a show with the old Selective Service and we kinda suggested the idea, than it was decided one drunk night out this would definitely have to happen. Track was sent over and two days later the vocal demo was done."
You recently played King Tut’s. This must have been a dream come true, especially for a Scottish band. How did it feel playing this gig and how did it go down?
Neal: "King Tut's was a great night, everything came together perfect on the night, DF couldn't be any more helpful in letting us do what we needed to do to, the lighting show went down great which added to the overall feel of the show, and the fact we had two of the singers joining us on the night (Ian and Tragic) was a good way to say this is what we can do."
What does the rest of 2014 hold for Crash Club?
Neal: "We've got a late night rave to do in Edinburgh on the 23rd / early hours of the 24th of August. Tenement Trail Festival on the 4th of October and there's a couple of things still to be confirmed for the last two months of the year which will be a great way to write off a productive 2014."
Final question – who would be in your dream super group?
Neal: "That's hard, my dream super group... Personally, the Primal Scream of 'Xtrmntr' was the dream super group with Shields, Mani, the Throb all still ripping it up."
Favourite Beatle?
Neal: "Harrison."
Favourite band or singer?
Neal: "Black Angels or Oasis."
Favourite new band or singer?
Neal: "Jagwar Ma."
Favourite song?
Neal: "Wrote For Luck or Swastika Eyes."
Favourite album?
Neal: "Xtrmntr."
Vinyl, CD or download?
Neal: "Vinyl by miles."
When you press shuffle on your iPod, what is the first track that comes on?
Neal: "Just done it there and got the legend that is Eddy Grant!"
Style icon?
Neal: "If it's made by Tenten then I'll probably wear it."
Favourite film?
Neal: "End Of The Century documentary about the Ramones. Proper film wise, Goodfellas."
Favourite TV show?
Neal: "Sopranos."
Who would play you in a film of your life?
Neal: "One of the Osmonds!"
Favourite food?
Neal: "Chicken."
Football team?
Neal: "Ah, best leave that a wee surprise."
Crash Club's second single "Recondition" is out now as a free download via their Soundcloud page.
The track is classic Crash Club; a gritty electronic rock number. Sammy's beats are brilliant and tight as always and the McHarg brothers are on form too. The guest vocalist, Ian MacKinnon from Medicine Men, brings plenty to the overall feel of the song as well; sometimes straight out rock 'n' roll in his approach, other times a bit more mysterious.
Overall, the track does not disappoint at all and follows on quite nicely from the likes of "Jawbreaker", "Tesla" and the anthem that is "Joy".
Keep it coming Crash Club!
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