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ACCELERATE: We have a chat with Troi Law, the frontman of The Duke, Detroit ahead of the launch of their new single!

The Duke, Detroit are four boys making noise. Over the last year they have been busy gigging and have played at some of Scotland's most iconic venues, including King Tut's. Their sound is firmly routed in the post punk genre but this is blended with electronica, New York disco and good old indie rock.

The boys are prepping for the release of their new single, "Accelerate", which they will be launching at the Electric Circus THIS FRIDAY. Ahead of this we caught up with frontman Troi Law to have a little chat about the band. We have also written up a review of the new single.

Hi Troi, thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us. First question we ask all artists is what is your first musical memory and what kind of records were on around the house when you were younger?
Troi: "When I was younger there was a lot of live music around my house. My dad is in a band and he would also have bands stay if they were on tour through Scotland. What was getting listened to when I was with my mum was mostly hip hop like De La Soul, Beastie Boys, DJ Shadow, whereas with my dad it was a bit more Depeche Mode, Nick Cave and Prince."
How did The Duke, Detroit come to be?
Troi: "It was a concept I was working on for a while. So I started making demos when I was studying fashion back in Fife, but it wasn't until I moved to Edinburgh and I started getting positive reactions from press and radio that I then began to take it quite seriously. I knew then that I needed to get the right guys onboard to make it a live band."
Considering none of you are dukes and none of you are from Detroit, where did the name come from?
Troi: "Man, where did the comma come from? It's just one of those names that sounds catchy for no reason, thought it was quite original and we quite liked the alliteration and punctuation in it."
You have recently played King Tut's. As a Scottish band this must have been a dream come true to play one of Glasgow's most iconic venues. How did it feel on the night?
Troi: "It was hot on the night! First time I've ever had to lose my jacket on stage! We were all extremely excited, to get the opportunity to play there after only six shows is a real honour! From seeing some of my favourite bands there including my dad's it was a bit overwhelming...until we hit the stage and killed it!"
You are currently prepping for the release of your debut single, entitled "Accelerate" - a very strong post punk tune. What is the track itself about and what influenced it?
Troi: "It is one of these songs where it's more like a story or film and I'm trying to sing the narrative from the first person. It's about a young man who's been outcast and is trying to find someone or something to connect to and naturally he finds a girl... It then becomes one of those Bonnie and Clyde / Natural Born Killer scenarios where they go away and become outlaws together on the run, like so many great films - it's open to interpretation."
You will be launching the single at the Electric Circus this week. What can fans be expecting at this show?
Troi: "Something completely different to what they have seen from us before. Still a lot of energy, still the same old disco, punk and hip hop beats as before... This time we just have a few more surprises in store. Also, our very own Dom is dropping a DJ set after!"

What does the rest of 2014 hold for The Duke, Detroit?
Troi: "We've got a couple more tracks to finish off recording for our album that will be released sometime next year. Some more filming, talk of doing an acoustic session. Then just after New Years we're making the big move to London."
Final question for the main interview - who would be in your dream supergroup?
Troi: "Vocals - James Brown, backing vocals - Michael McDonald, guitar - Thurston Moore, bass - Kim Deal, keys - Brian Eno, drums - Travis Barker and MC - Danny Brown. I really wish this was a band!"


Favourite Beatle?

Troi: "The dung beetle. But seriously, Stuart Sutcliffe."

Favourite band or singer?
Troi: "Lux Interior from The Cramps."

Favourite new band or singer?
Troi: "Not new - but most recent would have to be Childish Gambino."
Favourite song?
Troi: "Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai."
Favourite album?
Troi: "Doolittle by the Pixies."

Dream collaboration?
Troi: "Would love to work with SBTRKT."
Vinyl, CD or download?
Troi: "Download! No way we would be able to cross over genres the way we do if music wasn't so accessible online."
When you press shuffle on your iPod, what is the first track that comes on?
Troi: "Was gonna try and say something cool but if I'm honest it was Woman In Love by Barbara Streisand. Great song, written and produced by members of the Bee Gees."
Style icon?
Troi: "Yeezus."
Favourite film?
Troi: "Grease."
Favourite TV show?
Troi: "True Detective."
Who would play you in a film of your life?
Troi: "James Dean."
Favourite food?
Troi: "Pizza."
Football team?
Troi: "East Fife."

Troi: "That was pretty fun!"


The Duke, Detroit's brand new single, entitled "Accelerate" is a post punk master class; it almost sounds as if it is a lost classic from the 80's. The song has a strong synthpop edge and a large, cinematic feel in the lyrics. It is extremely catchy and groovy as well with a great sing-a-long chorus to match. It well definitely fit in just fine alongside tunes like "Summer" and "City Breaks" in the live set.

The track will be available online from Friday and can be caught live on the same day at the "Accelerate" launch party at the Electric Circus in Edinburgh.

Hope you enjoyed this feature on The Duke, Detroit! Be sure to check out our previous feature on The Crush!

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