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LAUGHING AT MIDNIGHT: We have a chat to indie rock and roller Jeye T about his career to date and his most recent single "Laughing At Midnight"!

Jeye T is fast becoming a legend on the underground indie rock scene. He has a had a huge 2014 which has seen him play the iconic T In The Park and release two singles, most recently "Laughing At Midnight". On top of this Jeye T can count Alan McGee, Bonehead and Gary Powell amongst his fan base. Surely the only way is up for this rock 'n' rolla!

Below we catch up with Jeye and discuss everything from his latest single to his dream supergroup! We also write up a review of "Laughing At Midnight"!



Hi Jeye, thanks for taking the time to chat to us. The first question we ask all bands is what was your first musical memory and what kind of records were on around the house when you were younger?

Jeye: "Hi Tom, how you doing? My first musical memory was growing up and watching Elvis in concert on VHS along with my dad who was a massive Elvis fan. Elvis was a true performer and a joy to watch. So to answer your question there was plenty of Elvis growing up."

For some of our readers that are unfamiliar with you and your music, can you give us a quick outline of your career to date?

Jeye: "I decided to get back into playing guitar and writing songs about 2010. After returning from holiday I was inspired to pick up the guitar and do it again after having not done anything since school. I wrote a few songs and went into the studio and demoed them. I then sent them to Alan McGee from Creation Records who was a big hero of mine in the music industry with the bands he signed, especially Oasis who were a great band. Then Alan booked me up to play his club Death Disco in London. So I played quite a few gigs as an acoustic artist in Alan's club and we got to know each other and became good friends and Alan introduced me to Gary of The Libertines who signed me to his label 25 Hour Convenience Store and we put out my debut EP 'Telescope Eye' with Gary on drums. I then got a backing band together up in Scotland and put out some singles and luckily enough I was spotted and invited to play T In The Park this year as well as the Commonwealth Games. So it's been a big year! The focus this year was more about the recording and putting songs out but I have been rewarded with the calibre of the gigs I've been invited to do this year. It's great to have influential friends in the industry like Alan and Gary who I still send my songs to before putting them out."

How would you describe your sound?

Jeye: "I used to wear my influences on my sleeve so I would say I used to sound like Nirvana and Oasis although this year I have decided to go a different direction and challenge myself to right a different type of tune. More of a tried and tested sound, more 50's, 60's, 70's sort of vibes which has been interesting."
You've received praise off many high profile figures in the music industry including Alan McGee and Gary Powell. How does it feel when people like this take notice?

Jeye: "It feels great when guys like Alan and Gary take notice and I can't thank Alan enough for his input and help by introducing me to Gary and the many influential people I have met over the years."
You've had a huge 2014 in which you've gigged regularly. One of the highlights must have been playing T In The Park. How was this?

Jeye: "When I heard I was playing T In The Park this year I found out two days before the show, so I wasn't really expecting it so I was buzzing. I always wanted to play T In The Park and I always believed I would play it one day. It's the UK's top festival in my opinion and to get a taster of it last year was phenomenal and I want more, but I need to keep writing and keep putting out songs and proving myself."

Your latest single is entitled "Laughing At Midnight". What influenced it and what is the song itself about?

Jeye: "The new single was written in five minutes. I wanted to write an old fashioned, 50's style, catchy, simplified song. Lyrically it's gibberish, it doesn't really mean anything to be honest. Though one thing's for sure, it has the groove."

What about the b-side "Saturday"?

Jeye: "The b-side 'Saturday' was influenced by the early Beatles. I was listening to 'The Red Album' and picked up the guitar after doing so and wrote 'Saturday'. Again it was written in five minutes with feel good simplified pop lyrics. I put a bit of distortion on the guitar at the end to stamp my own sound on it and give it a Beatles/punk sound and that was it really. Sent Alan McGee it, he loved it and appeared on the video which was shot on the iPhone and there you go, the b-side was made."

What is next for Jeye T?

Jeye: "Next for myself is to keep on writing songs and putting them out there and if people like them and buy them then that's a bonus."

Final question for the interview - who would be in your dream supergroup?

Jeye: "I could probably make loads of variations of dream groups but today my dream supergroup would be Kurt Cobain on vocals, Noel Gallagher on guitar, Slash on lead guitar, Dave Grohl on drums and Paul McCartney on bass guitar."


Favourite Beatle?

Jeye: "John Lennon."

Favourite band or singer?

Jeye: "Nirvana."

Favourite new band or singer?

Jeye: "Not really into new music so I'll go for One Direction!"

Favourite song?

Jeye: "My favourite song today would be Slide Away by Oasis."

Favourite album?

Jeye: "Oasis, (What's The Story) Morning Glory."

Dream collaboration?

Jeye: "My dream collaboration would be I'd write the songs, Liam Gallagher would sing them."

Vinyl, CD or download?

Jeye: "Would be cool to say vinyl but it's CD for me."

When you press shuffle on your iPod, what is the first track that comes on?

Jeye: "John Lennon - Imagine."

Style icon?

Jeye: "James Dean."

Favourite film?

Jeye: "Fight Club."

Favourite TV show?

Jeye: "EastEnders."

Who would play you in a film of your life?

Jeye: "Brad Pitt if he was younger."

Favourite food?

Jeye: "Econia extra hot sauce, I use it with anything; from curries to steak pie."

Football team?

Jeye: "Barcelona."


Jeye T's brand new single, entitled "Laughing At Midnight", is a strong indie rock and roll tune with a very pop sensibility. It is upbeat, infectiously catchy and effortlessly joyous. The tune has a very British feel too and could be seen as following in the legacy of The Kinks and Oasis to name just two. It certainly has a danceability to it also that would go down well within and outwith the mod subculture.

The b-side, "Saturday", is no filler and is certainly not a weak point at all. In fact it may be a stronger tune that the a-side! And, it may just be me, but the track seems to have a slight Buddy Holly feel to it - there's a simplicity in the lyrics and it has a feel of a modernised rock and roller. The melody also achieves an approach of simplicity whilst at the same time being soaring and breathtaking.

It is also good to see that Jeye T is not getting bogged down in the complexities and intricacies of a modern 'rock' song. That is, a four/five minute number, written with the vision of commercial success but failing to appeal to the mainstream or indeed the artist's fan base. Instead, Jeye T has stayed honest and true to himself. He has gone for the tried and test method - a two to three minute slice of infectiously catchy rock and roll. And after all, we cannot ask for more than that!

Hope you enjoyed this feature on Jeye T, be sure to check out our previous feature on The Duke, Detroit!

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