Monday, 9 December 2013

ANYONE BUT THE ONE: Our interview with The Capers, a heavily 60's-influenced outfit from East London!

What was your earliest musical memory and what pushed you towards pursuing a career in the music industry?
Mazza: "Sunday night TV. Sounds of the 60’s, had everything, great show. Who wouldn’t want to do that for a living?"

Brad: "From an early age decent music was always being played and my uncles are very musical and always playing guitars and being in bands."
What sort of records were played around the house when you were younger and did these records have an influence on your songwriting?
Mazza: "Beatles, Small Faces, Kinks, Capital Gold on in the kitchen."
Brad: "The Beatles, Small Faces, The Kinks and all that. Being in the car with me old granddad listening to Nina Simone and jazz, Stevie Wonder. Motown was always being played at some time or another."
Both: "You start off wanting to be like your heroes, so it's had a massive influence on our sound from the instruments we use to harmonies and trying to keep every track to a perfect three minutes."

Had you been involved in any other band prior to The Capers?

Both: "Yeah but I cant remember any of them."
How did The Capers begin?

Both: "The Capers began with some friends meeting in a club we used to go to every Friday. Pretty much everyone in there played so it was easy to put together a band of likeminded people."
Where did the name The Capers come from?

Both: "The Capers came from a title of a track from our album. We’d recorded the album before we’d decided on a name. We’d had the most fun (beer) recording that one so it was in acknowledgement of good times."
How would you describe the sound of The Capers?\

Both: "It's eclectic and everyone hears something different in it. We like to play upbeat driven music so hopefully that comes across. And hopefully you can hear a good sound of the sixties people here too! Once described live as 'like The Beatles on speed'."

Your debut album is called ‘While Crooks Pull Capers’. Where did this tile come from and why did you choose it?

Both: "'While Crooks Pull Capers' came from a track name on the album. The song pays homage to my favourite book 'Burglar Bill'. That's a nice tin of beans, I’ll have that."
You have recently released the single, ‘Anyone but the One’. What is this song about and what influenced it?

Both: "We’d recently moved from a three piece back to a four piece band. I’ve always been a fan of the way the guitars play off each other in The Byrds and wanted to try something like that. The song's about others expecting more from you than you do yourself."
All the artwork to your singles and album has been quite distinctive to date. Is the artwork an important part of a release for you?

Both: "The artwork is an important part of the release for us. Probably a mind set of those of us who still think of releases in terms of vinyl, but it’s still a good way to invite people to listen to your music. We want our music to be distinctive and would like to reflect that in the artwork."
You, as a band, are always well turned out with an obvious influence from the sixties and the mod movement. Is the look as important as the music for The Capers?

Both: "We like good music and good clothes. In terms of importance, it's what we feel comfortable wearing. I dare say a few of us sit around the house in the same clobber!"
You have supported artists including The Moons and the legendary Steve Cradock. Do you feel that supporting other bands is key to finding new audiences and new fans?

Both: "We think supporting bands is key to playing to new audiences and fans. There are lots of bands that I follow now who I first saw as a support act and I’m sure its the same for others. With support gigs you know the crowd have turned out for a good night and are always more receptive."
Do you have any 'rituals' before you go on stage?

Both: "Gin and cough mixture! And the last smoke before going on stage!"
Any live dates coming up?

Both: "January 24th, got a good slot at the 100 Club and March 8th we are playing the London leg of March of the Mods in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust. Both good'uns so get your arses down! No others in the pipe line yet..."
Any new songs in the pipeline?

Both: "Lots of new songs coming up, we’re just planning our next recording session."
When can fans be expecting the next release?

Both: "Hopefully a little acoustic number this month. Aiming to get in the studio soon to start recording some new tracks."
Who would be your dream collaboration?

Both: "PP Arnold."
Who would be in your dream supergroup?

Both: "Steve Marriot, Jack Bruce, Keith Moon, Keith Richards and Billy Preston."

Favourite Beatle?


Favourite band?

"Small Faces."

Favourite new band?

"Temples and High Learys - loving their sound."

Favourite song?

"Tin Soldier."

Favourite album?

"Would you believe, Bill Nichols."

Vinyl, CD or download?


Style icon?

"Steve Marriott."

Favourite clothing brand?


Favourite film?

"Get Carter."

 Favourite TV show?


Who would play you in a film of your life?

"Knowing my luck, I'd get the part."

Favourite food?

"Pie and mash."

Football team?

"Two Hammers and one soon to be two maybe Tottenham whatever they're called!"

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