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LOVE IS A FIRE: Our interview with Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Bex Currie!

What was your first musical memory and what pushed you towards pursuing a career in the record industry?
"First musical memory, I have a really bad memory by the way, but the first thing I can clearly remember is my mum singing in my gran's house. It was a Patsy Cline song possibly 'I Fall To Pieces'. What pushed me towards a music career was when I went to see my favourite artist play live, Brandi Carlile. She was supporting Newton Faulkner. She was on stage with her band and she was this massive ball of energy and musical genius. She just looked like she was having the best night of her life and I thought to myself 'I want to do that'. So I went out the next week and bought myself a cheap guitar and taught myself to play. That was five years ago I think."
What kind of records were on around the house when you were younger and would you say that these records still have an influence on your music today?
"My mum listened to a lot of country, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash etc. and I just fell in love with their voices and the stories that their lyrics told. Celine Dion was also a big name in our house. I really wanted to be able to hit those big notes like her. I very quickly came to terms with the fact my voice was in no way capable of doing that. I think my music is more influenced by the music that I follow now. The likes of Brandi Carlile, Sara Bareilles, Sia and also a lot of the people I play alongside at singer/songwriter showcases. I often get little flashes of something when I'm listening to them."
Had you been involved with any other bands prior to becoming a solo artist as Bex Currie?
"No other bands really. I did try to form one years ago but I never have the free time to dedicate to it. It's a shame because I really would love to hear my songs with a much fuller sound to them."
Why did you choose to become a solo artist instead of forming a band?
"Again, like above it was just time constraints. I have a very active life with work and different volunteer projects I'm involved in. Music is always on the back burner. I really only play and gig for fun now."
How would you describe the sound of Bex Currie?
"I have no idea! Honestly I get asked that a lot and I have no idea how to answer the question. My music is just me. I write because its sometimes the only way I can express myself."
One of your most popular songs is ‘Love Is A Fire’. What is this song about and what influenced this?
"'Love Is A Fire' is one of my favourite songs. I was in the middle of the best relationship I had ever been in and my partner at the time told me if I was going to write a song about us/her then it had to be an upbeat happy song. I spent months working on it because I wanted to get it just right. It pretty much describes exactly how I felt about her at the time."
You have stated on your facebook that you are working towards introducing a backing band into your music. Why do you want to make this step?
"I just feel that as an acoustic act the sound you get on a recording isn't enough sometimes, especially for songs like 'Love Is A Fire'. When I play it in my head I can hear drums, electric guitars and strings all going and just bringing the whole tune together. I just have to find the time to make that work."
Do you have any 'rituals' before going on stage?
"If I'm not driving I'll have whiskey, neat, or sometimes a Grey Goose. It just settles the nerves a little for me. Other than that no! I don't do vocal warm ups or anything although I know I probably should."
Any live dates coming up?
"I'm playing on Saturday 30th November in The Vale which is next to Queen Street Station and also on Thursday 12th December at Fairfield Folk Club in Govan. That's in conjunction with Mick Hargan - great promoter and guy to work with. He has lots of patience and puts a lot of time into helping new acts get on some sort of platform to perform."
Any new songs in the pipeline?
"I've just roughly recorded a new song tonight and let it out there for people to hear. It's called 'Faint Of Heart' and can be found on my soundcloud."
When can fans be expecting the next release?
"I'm hoping that towards this time next year I'll be able to put an EP out with a few songs recorded with a full band. That's the ambition anyways."
Who would be your dream collaboration?
"Brandi Carlile. Hands down easy answer."
Who would be in your dream super group?
"Tough question. Phil Collins on the drums, Johnny Cash on guitar, I'd throw Brandi Carlile and her whole band in there too and then I'd probably have all my musical friends playing some part in it too!"
Favourite Beatle?
Favourite band?
"Couldn't possibly answer, there are far too many bands emerging to have a favourite."
Favourite new band?
"I'm in love with Haim at the minute."
Favourite song?
"Elastic Heart by Sia. It's totally my song of the year."
Favourite album?
"Brandi Carlile - Live At Benaroya Hall With The Seattle Symphony Orchestra or Sara Bareilles - Kaleidoscopic Heart."
Vinyl, CD or download?
"Download. As much as I love buying CD's I just don't have the space to store them. Downloading is easier and more convenient."
Style icon?
"I really don't have one. I don't follow fashion trends and I just throw on whatever is clean."
Favourite clothing brand?
"Again I don't have one. I'll pretty much wear whatever."
Favourite film?
"Miss Congeniality."
Favourite TV show?
"Grey's Anatomy at the minute."
Who would play you in a film of your life?
"Jennifer Lawrence. That would be awesome!"
Favourite food?
"Asian - Wagamama's is one of my favourite places to eat."
Football team?
"Glasgow City ladies team. Would rather pay to watch them in the pouring rain than go watch a men's game in the streaming sunlight. No foul play, no diving just pure football being played by ladies that want to be there."

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