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GET ON IT: Our interview with Paul from The Toi! Read about their latest single, working with members of The Darkness and much, much more!

What is your earliest musical memory and what pushed you towards pursuing a career in the music business?
"It'd be my sister getting the 'Bad' album on cassette and playing it non-stop. Then 'Moonwalker' the film and my old man blasting Billy Joel in the car - that and eighties pop radio."
What kind of records were on around the house when you were younger and would you say that these records still influence your music today?
"Our folks have pretty much similar taste - the Eagles, Billy Joel, Queen etc...of course MJ featured heavily as did The Beatles...they are very much an influence.You've got to learn from and pay homage to the greats!"
Had you been involved in any other bands or musical ventures before The Toi?

"We've all done various sessions here and there and played with other bands with friends."
How did The Toi begin?
"We all knew one another from playing football as kids and then we'd hang about with mutual friends. I think the same as most bands do when they get together. We couldn't really play, had never written anything but we knew we wanted to be in a rock 'n' roll band, so we learned our instruments to a decent standard and played with different bands learning as we went. Then about two and a half years ago we thought 'let's make a real go of this thing!' and here we are!"
Where did the name The Toi come from?
"It was an old friend - we were trying to get names or ideas of names...he hit out with 'The Toi' and it just kinda stuck. We'd like to point out we are not a buckfast fuelled street gang. We now decant our tonic!"
How would you describe the sound of The Toi?
"In a few words...big, melodic, catchy and hooky."
Your latest single is ‘Get On It’ – an upbeat slice of glam rock. What influenced the song and what is the song itself about?
"It's really a very Neanderthal chorus - it's very simple to sing along. It's about a certain type of woman that behaves in an entirely selfish way and she uses men for her own ends. There's at least one in every bar on any given night...I think both the guys and girls reading this know who we're singing about."
You are currently working on your debut album. What can fans expect from this?
"It's done - in the can. Eager to get it out! They can expect ten bombastic songs that are the perfect introduction to our sound. It's a great record with each song being very strong. Everyone will love it - we're convinced!"
Dan Hawkins (of The Darkness) is helping out in the producer chair. What is he bringing to the record?
"Dan brought a love of curry, cigarettes and disgusting pints of Red Stripe to the table. That and a great ear for hooks. We learnt a lot working with him and Nick Brine - there's a reason why these guys are so in demand. Incredible ears that really helped us get down on tape what the songs sounded like in our heads. They also taught us that it's work and there's a budget so don't mess around. Great experience and even better advice."
Do you have any 'rituals' before you go on stage?
"We slag each other, listen to Bon Jovi 'Dry County 93 from Milton Keynes' and eat sushi. We love sushi."
Any live dates coming up?
"There will be - we shall keep you posted on the facebook page!"
Any new songs in the pipeline?
"Yes. Lots. One we're really proud of is called 'Judas"' - it's killer. Can't say anymore."
When can fans expect the next official release?
"Things are being ironed out contractually right now so we have no official word - as soon as we do we'll let you guys know."

Who would be your dream collaboration?

"Would love to work with Mutt Lange. He's immense - love his work. That aside, it's a great question...hadn't thought about it...would love to write songs for lots of artists...Michael Jackson...would have loved to have written a song for him. Maybe in the next life!"

Who would be in your dream super group?
"Great question...okay....drums - Nicko McBrain, bass - Steve Harris, guitar - Stevie Sambora and Adrian Smith, keys - David Bryan and Jonathan Cain and vocals - Steve Perry and Freddie."
Favourite Beatle?
 Favourite band?
"The Beatles."
Favourite new band?
"Steel Panther."
Favourite song?
"I'll Make Love To You, Boyz II Men."
Favourite album?
"Bad, Michael Jackson."
Vinyl, CD or download?
"Vinyl and CD."
Style icon?
"Michael Jackson or Wham."
Favourite clothing brand?
"Don't look at labels!"
Favourite film?
"Spinal Tap, Anvil and Peter Pan."
Favourite TV show?
"Tony Soprano is the man!"
Who would play you in a film of your life?
"Stevie would be played by Kris Commons who's a footballer, Andy would be played by either Joey from Friends or the guy who did the voiceover for Pumba in the Lion King and I'd be played by Pippa Middleton in drag."
Favourite food?
"Bhuna lamb with nan. Love a good curry!"
Football team?
"Yuck! Hate soccer!"
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