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LOOK TO THE SKIES: Our interview with Mancunian 'heavy' pop punk outfit, Those Who Seek!

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What is your earliest musical memory and what pushed you towards pursuing a career in the music business?
Matt: "I think, mine was probably learning to play drums. I first started when I was about twelve but gave up and then restarted when I was about fourteen again. What’s pushed me into my musical ventures has definitely been the feeling that you truly have an amazing time doing what you love, writing something that means something to you – yet at the same time, truly comforting people and helping them get through things. Makes it all worth it for sure."
Sean: "I remember listening to Oasis thinking music was the coolest shit ever - only years later did I actually consider it to be something I'd dedicate so much of my time to, and that's mainly just from watching so many bands live and loving the thrill of performing."
Nathan: "I'd say it was getting my first guitar when I was seven and that my dad played guitar when he was young."
Had you been involved in any other bands or musical ventures before Those Who Seek?
Matt: "Yeah, I mean, me and Nathan were in a year nine band back when I played drums and he played bass. It was a terrible high school band but it helped me gain a good idea for the industry."
Sean: "I've been in several bands before Those Who Seek, some more serious than others, typical 'high school band' Arctic Monkeys covers and what not."
Nathan: "Yeah...back when I was a bassist me and Matt had a year nine band and I had a year seven even before that."
How did Those Who Seek begin?
Matt: "Those Who Seek began back when me and Nathan had broken off from our old band. Looking for a side project we started messing about with things in 2011 acoustically. We slowly became a young Manchester band in 2012 but didn’t release anything and didn’t play any shows. The members didn’t last but finally at the end of 2012 we gained Sean and Dan and then Brad at the start of 2013. Ever since 2013’s come about I think it’s starting coming together properly. When we’re asked when TWS started we say 2012 because Those Who Seek as we know it, didn’t start until late 2012/2013, not really."
Nathan: "Ditto to Matt."
Where did the name Those Who Seek come from?
Matt: "When the side project started becoming kind of like an acoustic band me and Nathan were considering names. I’m quite spiritually attached to things – I looked at a bible verse from Matthew chapter 7 v7-8 and whilst I’m not Christian, I loved the phrase and it truly explained me and my way of going about things and getting them if I truly seek it. I’ve kind of introduced Nathan into all that stuff now, and he studies it all too but back then he didn’t seem to really care."
Nathan: "Matt's decision."
How would you describe the sound of Those Who Seek?
Matt: "Honestly, no idea. It’s a cross between every style of new rock/metal there is today. We can change our setlist accordingly to specific shows."
Sean: "Somewhere between pop punk and hardcore with a little bit of indie stuck in there for fun."
Nathan: "You know what, I don't even know anymore heavy pop punk, post hardcore."
Your debut EP is called “Because Really, We’re Just Animals” and was released earlier this year. Where did this title come from and why did you choose it?
Matt: "The term 'Because Really, We’re Just Animals' was something I came up with whilst we were all discussing EP names. It’s kind of an observation of tolerance and understanding to people; how they function and why. Many people don’t know humans are animals – I suppose it’s because we consider ourselves to be superior somehow, but sometimes I think it’s important to bring ourselves back to earth and remember that the bear skin and bone of us is simply nature and the animal instincts that are built within us. Likewise, I love how complicated we’ve made our lives to the extent we want more things than we need."
Nathan: "Matt's comments yet again!"
What influenced this EP on the whole?
Matt: "Lots of different things that have affected me lyrically. In terms of music I’d say we’ve all been heavily influenced by the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, You Me At Six and Deaf Havana."
Sean: "Many, many things. When this was being written I was very new to this kind of music, so musically it was me taking my alternative/indie roots and the rest of the band making them a little heavier."
Nathan: "Everyone had their own ideas and own taste which sort of merged into what we have (except for Brad, he came late)."
You have been offered a clothing endorsement already in your career. How did it feel being asked to be the face of as brand like this?
Matt: "It was really cool to be asked to do that. Atera are really nice guys and have hooked us up with some nice threads. They’re going to be on our new music video so watch out for that!"
Nathan: "It was great knowing that people see so much potential in us and of course, nice getting free clothes."
Do you have any 'rituals' before you go on stage?
Matt: "I just make sure I’ve got some warm water and strepsils and I’m fine. When we play a big show we have a huddle but that’s it."
Matt: "I like to keep the old school rock star feel and have a nap and a cuppa."
Nathan: "Not really a ritual but booze."
Any live dates coming up?
Matt: "Yeah man! We’re playing Norwich next week (19th) followed by Manchester on the 8th November and then Derby on December 14th. We had a tour booked but it fell through so we’re seriously booking down with demos ready to record."
Nathan: "Another thing Matt's probably said..."
Any new songs in the pipeline?
Matt: "Yeah, we’re getting ready to record demos in Liverpool in about three weeks time. Then after that we’re going down to Surrey with Matt O’Grady (You Me At Six, Bring Me The Horizon,Your Demise etc.) – we’re booked in to record two songs but we have some more songs ready to record after that – once we find the money for them."
Nathan: "Of course, just you wait."
When can fans expect the next official release?
Matt: "I can’t say for sure but it will be early 2014 for sure."
Sean: "When they least expect it."
Nathan: "Very soon but new songs wise a few months."
Who would be your dream collaboration?
Matt: "If we were to tour, I’d love to go with You Me At Six, Bring Me The Horizon, While She Sleeps and A Day To Remember or Mallory Knox."
Sean: "I'd love to sing a duet with Whitney Houston."
Nathan: "Mallory Knox easy, same vibe as us."
Who would be in your dream super group?
Matt: "Dan Flint on drums, Jeremy McKinnon on vocals, Lee Malia on leads, Sam Douglas on bass and Max Heyler on rhythm guitar."
Sean: "Thom Yorke and John Frusciante, accompanied by Rolf Harris on the didgeridoo."
Favourite Beatle?
Matt: "Ringo."
Sean: "David Cameron."
Nathan: "John did the most he could to change the world with his influence."
Favourite band?
Matt: "You Me At Six or While She Sleeps."
Sean: "Radiohead."
Nathan: "Currently, I See Stars but that'll change in a week."
Favourite new band?
Matt: "Mallory Knox or Don Broco."
Sean: "This Town Needs Guns."
Nathan: "Don Broco."
Favourite song?
Matt: "Tigers & Sharks, You Me At Six."
Sean: "Idioteque by Radiohead."
Nathan: "You Wear A Crown But You're No King, Bless The Fall."
Favourite album?
Matt: "What Separates Me From You, A Day To Remember."
Sean: "Plans by Death Cab For Cutie."
Nathan: "S&M, Metallica."
Vinyl, CD or download?
Matt: "CD."
Sean: "Vinyl every time."
Nathan: "Vinyl cause I'm retro but I like my sound quality so CD probably."
Style icon?
Matt: "What?"
Sean: "I don't know what that means."
Nathan: "Oli Sykes maybe but not intentionally."
Favourite clothing brand?
Matt: "Atera Apparel!"
Sean: "Atera Apparel of course."
Nathan: "Primarni."
Favourite film?
Matt: "Troy."
Sean: "School of Rock."
Nathan: "Inglorious Bastards or Gladiator."
Favourite TV show?
Matt: "South Park, One Tree Hill or newly Breaking Bad."
Sean: "Breaking Bad!"
Nathan: "Dr. Who."
Who would play you in a film of your life?
Matt: "I hope Lucas from OTH."
Sean: "Britney Spears obviously."
Nathan: "Matt Smith."
Favourite food?
Matt: "Chicken strips."
Sean: "Pasta."
Nathan: "Curry."
Football team?
Matt: "Manchester United."
Sean: "I'm afraid I couldn't care less."
Nathan: "Newcastle United."
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