Tuesday, 19 November 2013

LIVE FROM THE HEART: We review Little Liam's debut release from 2012, 'Live From The Heart'!

Photo: We will be bringing you all a review of Little Liam's debut release, 'Live From The Heart' later on tonight! Stay tuned! AB Records
Little Liam's debut release, 'Live From The Heart', is a stunning snapshot of the OCS apprentice, Liam Garland, as he was almost two years ago. It presents each of his songs in their most primitive forms - just a voice, a guitar and occasionally a piano (Liam being accompanied just by his guitarist - Jimmy Pyatt). From the groovy riff of 'Last Dragz' to the magical yet simple piano of 'I Know Now', this is certainty one of the finest debut releases from any act in recent years. Not to mention the stunning finger work on 'Our Time Will Come', which has since been reworked on piano as the closing track to Little Liam's debut EP, 'The Beginning'. Other highlights include 'It Gets Better', 'Round The Coast' and 'You Don't Know'. All together a fine live set that deserves a listen from any true music lover. And things can only get better for Liam and his band from here as they have just completed some support slots with the legendary Mister Steve Cradock and have also just released their superb debut full band EP, 'If I Wasn't Me'. Little Liam are definitely a group to watch out for in the future.
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