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BAREFOOT IN THE CAR PARK: A brand new feature on Suzi Chunk and Groovy Uncle's brand new single, featuring 2 brand new tracks!

Suzi Chunk and Groovy Uncle have returned with the follow up to their 2013-released studio album "One Vowel Away from the Truth". They have recently released a brand new single featuring two incredible tracks - "Barefoot in the Car Park" and "Wet Weekend". The tunes are taken from the "Persuaded" sessions and hopefully the full length album will follow shortly.
In the meantime we catch up with Glenn Prangnell of Groovy Uncle to discuss the new single and the forthcomig album. We also get Suzi to answer our quickfire round and we write up a review of "Barefoot in the Car Park". Check it out below!
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Hi Glenn, how are you doing? I know you are prepping for the release of your brand new album but before we get started on that I think we need to chat about some of your achievements from 2013. The Suzi Chunk album “Girl from the Neck Down” was Hard Rock Café’s album of the year, I know you were heavily involved in this project so how did it feel to get this recognition from such an established and respected company?
Glenn: "I'm doing very well, thanks. Yes I was very pleased with that and I'm just chuffed that people are actually listening to what we do and any positive feedback is a great reward. As I've always said, making music is the easy part. Getting people to listen is the real trick."
Since the release of your last album, “One Vowel Away from the Truth”, what have Groovy Uncle and Suzi Chunk been up to?
Glenn: "Immediately after the release of 'One Vowel...' my thoughts turned to the next record. I wanted to get back into the studio as soon as possible as I already had lots of ideas."
You’ve made your comeback with a brand new single which features two very strong tracks. The summery, beat a-side of “Barefoot in the Car Park” and the more moody, psychedelic-tinged b-side of “Wet Weekend”. What are the two tracks about and why did you pick them to launch your new album?
Glenn: "Well 'Barefoot' was one of the first tracks we recorded back in January. I wrote it a few years ago and it was one of those happy little nonsense songs with a bit of wordplay and double use of the word 'lying' which I liked. I didn't think that much of it originally but during the recording session it began to sound like a corker! Mole at State Records heard it and immediately suggested they release it as a single with 'Wet Weekend' on the flip side. That track was actually recorded at the end of the 'Play Something We Know!' sessions in 2011 (as was 'You Look Good To Me' - also featured on the new album) but never made it on to the LP. Such a big sounding track and we always intended to release it on vinyl at some point. 'Wet Weekend' was inspired by the Goffin-King song 'Wasn't It You' - that beautiful downcast kind of vibe which I like a lot."
The new album is to be called “Persuaded”. Why?
Glenn: "I recorded a demo of an instrumental just for fun at home. I put a drum pattern down, then a bass line, then guitar and so on. I made the whole thing up as I went along, not really working anything out at all. The end result sounded a bit like a John Barry theme I thought. He, of course wrote 'The Persuaders' so I called my tune 'Persuaded' as a nod to that."
 Can you give us any details about the album? What can the fans be expecting and when will it be released?
Glenn: "There are two versions of the title track which top 'n' tail the album. The instrumental opens and the vocal version closes the album. For this record I've brought in the marvellous Miss Modus from Scotland. She sings 'Persuaded' and a few other tunes and she's great. Suzi is there, of course and she continues to amaze. A lot of familiar faces from previous records are there plus a few new ones. Paul Jordanous plays some excellent trumpet parts and on a track called 'No Idea' it's just me and a string quartet! I think the record has a kind of 'cinematic' feel and there's another nod to John Barry in the shape of a Bond theme inspired track called 'Your Weight In Gold'. I'm aiming for a September release."
What do you have planned for the rest of 2014?
Glenn: "I'll be working with Miss Modus on a single very soon. It will be her record, not a Groovy Uncle release but both songs were written by me. I'm looking forward to that."
Thanks for the catch up!
Glenn: "Always a pleasure."
Favourite Beatle?
Suzi: "George."
Favourite band?
Suzi: "I can't just pick one - my top four are The Beatles, Bonzo Dog Band, Parliament/Funkadelic and Led Zep."
Favourite song?
Suzi: "I have hundreds, nay thousands of favourites depending on what mood I'm in. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart - the Al Green cover, not the Bee Gee's original is definitely quite high ranking though."
Favourite album?
Suzi: "Right now it's Stax Of Funk - The Funky Truth."
Vinyl, CD or download?
Suzi: "All."
When you press shuffle on your iPod, what is the first track that comes on?
Suzi: "I Me Mine - The Beatles."
Style icon?
Suzi: "Sue Pollard."
Favourite film?
Suzi: "Spinal Tap."
Favourite TV show?
Suzi: "Good comedy - owt with Alan Partridge in it."
Favourite food?
Suzi: "Thai."
Football team?
Suzi: "Fulchester United FC."
The new 45 from Groovy Uncle and Suzi Chunk is typical of an Unc 'n' Chunk release - infectiously catchy, irresistably upbeat and undeniably summery; definitely two tracks to add to your soundtrack of the summer!
The a-side "Barefoot in the Car Park", featuring garage legend Bruce Brand on the drums and lead guitar, will get you up and grooving at any gig or on any dancefloor. The guitar also deserves a special mention for creating the surf-like vibe which will have you thinking of California all day.
The b-side "Wet Weekend" is a slightly more dark and moody affair as Glenn Prangnell takes a more psychedelic-based approach to the song. The track no less still has that Groovy Uncle summer feel to it and is as infectious as the blisteringly powerful a-side.
All in all, this limited edition 7" vinyl (only 500 copies are to be made) is one that you MUST have in your collection! Don't wait, get it now to avoid disappointment!
All photographs taken from the official Groovy Uncle Facebook page.
Be sure to bag yourself a copy of the extremely limited edition vinyl release of "Barefoot in the Car Park" and "Wet Weekend" soon while stocks last!
Hope you enjoyed this feature on Groovy Uncle and Suzi Chunk!
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