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VOTE YES: An exclusive feature on The NewStarts on the day of the release of their single "Vote Yes"!

Below is our exclusive feature on The NewStarts. The band itself is comprised of various members of The Proclaimers, Button Up, Velveteen Saints and more. Today sees the release of their first single, entitled "Vote Yes". The track is in support of Scottish independence in the refurendum in September, all profits from the track will also be donated to the Scottish Food Bank charity.
Speaking of the "Vote Yes" single, Garry John Kane said, "We tried to make a record that was uplifting and positive about the Yes vote in the September 18th referendum. I think we have achieved that and hope people will sing along and enjoy it".
We caught up with NewStarts members Garry and Liam to discuss the track and some other none-related stuff. We also wrote up a little review of the track as well. Check it out below!
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Hi mate, so you’ve gone political! You’ve formed a new band called The NewStarts in support of Scottish independence. How did this come about?
Garry: "Hi Tom. I’ve always been political, blame The Specials and The Clash for that. The NewStarts are members of Button Up, drummer from Velveteen Saints and Eleanor Kane. We are all very passionate about the referendum on September 18th and thought we could do our bit to support the Yes campaign by recording a song. Liam Elliott, guitarist, came up with the band name and it all fell into place. It was a joy to record at Red Eye Studios, Clydebank and everyone played/sang great."
What are your main goals for the band?
Garry: "The goal is to get the song on everyones iPod if we can. It's only one single just now but you never know what else might happen in the future. It's good to do side projects with other musicians and I really enjoyed this one."
The single, “Vote Yes”, is a very strong soul tune but the lyrics are also relevant to the subject matter of independence. As a songwriter is this something you find easy? To write a song for a certain event or situation? In this case the September referendum.
Garry: "I enjoy writing songs but haven't really written political ones. The 'Vote Yes' song is a simple repeated chorus and a middle eight. It came easy this one and only had four chords in it. The idea was to have a Stones, Primal Scream backing track with powerful girl voices. I think we got that and more. I think it's catchy enough and am very happy with it. Paula sang with such passion and I loved Eleanor’s backing vocal. Michael the wonderful drummer did it in one take. Liam added the classy Stones style guitar and Paul added a Dr John vibe and there you have it, The NewStarts."
All profits from the single will be going to the Food Bank charity. Can you tell us a bit about the charity and why did you choose it to donate to?
Garry: "Firstly, it's a scandal an oil rich nation like Scotland has Food Banks. Westminster should hang their heads in shame, but they don’t give a shit about the people. Rant over. While there are Food Banks we have to support them as families need them to survive. It's a cause The NewStarts support."
Garry: "Oh 'Vote Yes' is released on iTunes and Amazon Mp3 from 4th August on Button Up Records. Please buy it and spread the word, only 79p."
Favourite Beatle?
Liam: "John."
Favourite band?
Liam: "Teenage Fanclub."
Favourite new band?
Liam: "Tijuana Bibles, definitely one to look out for."
Favourite song?
Liam: "Far too difficult to have an all time favourite, maybe Darando - Didn't I. Always in my top five at least."
Favourite album?
Liam: "Changes all the time. The Hour Of Bewilderbeast by Badly Drawn Boy is a consistent favourite though for various reasons."
Vinyl, CD or download?
Liam: "Like most audiophiles, it has to be vinyl for me."
When you press shuffle on your iPod, what is the first track that comes on?
Liam: "The Byrds - Wasn't Born To Follow."
Style icon?
Liam: "Steve McQueen, cool as. Couldn't pull off the Thomas Crown Affair style tin flutes right enough."
Favourite film?
Liam: "High Fidelity."
Favourite TV show?
Liam: "Breaking Bad or The Office, the UK one."
Who would play you in a film of your life?
Liam: "The elephant man."
Favourite food?
Liam: "My maw's steak pie."
Football team?
Liam: "Celtic."
So, The NewStarts - a Glaswegian supergroup of sorts; featuring members of Button Up, Velveteen Saints and solo artist, Eleanor Kane - have arrived with debut single "Vote Yes". The track, as with the majority of Button Up tracks, is written by bassist Garry John Kane. And it has to be said, Kane seems to have the natural ability to write a strong, catchy tune to suit any situation; in this case Scottish independence.
The track features the strong vocals and backing vocaals of Paula Sheridan and Eleanor Kane respectively. So strong in fact that you could be forgiven if you thought that they had been lifted from a classic soul record. The track is also punctuated with a strong rhythm and blues guitar as provided by Liam Elliott and a hammond overtone from Paul Gallagher.
Of course, it is easy to see the limited appeal of this tune. It could be viewed as simply a Scottish independence anthem in which case only Scottish nationalists would buy it. However, there are two major reasons that should ensure that this tune makes it onto plenty of iPods, computers and phones and they are; all proceeds go to the Food Bank charity and, of couse, it is a mint soul tune!
All photographs taken from The NewStarts facebook page.
Be sure to download "Vote Yes", released today, on iTunes for the bargain price of just 79p. You won't be disappointed!
Hope you enjoyed this feature on The NewStarts!
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