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TIME FOR CHANGE: An exclusive feature on The Theme's 2012 debut album! Check it out!

The Theme's debut album "Time For Change", released in 2012, was a real call to arms for guitar-driven rock and roll bands up and down the country. In 12 tracks it manages to recapture the imagination of the Britpop psyche and it provided a brilliant introduction to what this band stands for.
Check out our exclusive feature on this sensational album below. It features exclusive interviews with frontman Gary Davis and main songwriter/guitarist Paul Bassom. We also decided to conclude the feature with our own little review of the album.
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Hi Gary, how are you? I’ve just received a copy of your debut album and it is a really strong set of tunes; slightly more ‘rocky’ than the follow up EP “Hits the Sky”. What were the influences for The Theme when recording the album?
Gary: "The influences of 'Time for Change' was made up of the individual influences of all the band members as it was our debut album; from mod revival to 90s britpop. Songwriter Paul Bassom is influenced by bands such as the Small Faces, The Who, Ocean Colour Scene, The Jam and Oasis. Martin Gamby is a massive Moon fan and you can tell that in his drumming; he is also a lover of the mod revival period. Me, I loved the 90s britpop scene; that's what got me into music in the first place."
The title of the album is “Time for Change”. Where did this title come from? Is it a reference to the current music scene and the state of the charts?
Gary: "Yeah, I'd say that's a fair point. Two years ago I think there wasn't any energetic guitar bands; think the indie scene was a bit tarty, with Two Door Cinema Club, the Foals etc! Not to mention the manufactured TV rubbish like X Factor which is terrible and is killing music."
“First Time I Saw You” is a highlight for me; a song that you co-wrote with Paul. Love the tune and love the harmonica parts as well! What is this song and what influenced it?
Gary: "Think Paul came up with the gist of the story. It's about finally finding that one special person only to find that because of circumstances beyond your control it ends. Basically based on my bad luck with woman!"
You are currently working on the follow up to your recent EP “Hits the Sky”. How is this going? Any planned released date as of yet?
Gary: "Well 'Hits the Sky' is doing better then anyone expected (believe me though it's fantastic, if you ain't got it, get it!) We're buzzing from the attention we're now getting and wanna keep the momentum going, the new songs have been there for some time and the best thing is we can take our time as 'Hits the Sky' is still relatively new. We're hoping early next year for a release date."
What can the fans be expecting from the new EP?
Gary: "Expect the unexpected, really does take you on a rollercoaster ride. Again shows how the band has evolved."
What will The Theme be up to for the rest of 2014?
Gary: "Busy second half of 2014, obviously the new EP is now started but we also plan to keep plugging 'Hits the Sky' with some amazing gigs coming up, notably the O2 Islington at the end of this month with The Swiines."
Favourite Beatle?
Paul: "George Harrison."
Favourite band?
Paul: "Small Faces."
Favourite new band?
Paul: "Temples."
Favourite song?
Paul: "All Or Nothing."
Favourite album?
Paul: "Moseley Shoals."
Vinyl, CD or download?"
Paul: "Vinyl."
When you press shuffle on your iPod, what is the first track that comes on?
Paul: "See Emily Play, Pink Floyd."
Style icon?
Paul: "60s fashion."
Favourite film?
Paul: "Goodfellas."
Favourite TV show?
Paul: "Only Fools And Horses."
Who would play you in a film of your life?
Paul: "Michael Caine."
Favourite food?
Paul: "Indian."
Football team?
Paul: "Crystal Palace."
The Theme's debut album "Time For Change", released in 2012, was a real call to arms for guitar-driven rock and roll bands up and down the country. In 12 tracks it manages to recapture the imagination of the britpop psyche and it provided a brilliant introduction to what this band stands for.
They hit the ground running with the britpop anthem of "Change of the Times" and send a clear message that they are the band to bring British rock 'n' roll back to the top. This message is solidified by "In This Town", which hints at influence from The Jam, and "Shake Up the Youth", which sounds as if it could have been written and performed by The Enemy.
Away from the full throttle rock 'n' roll there are tracks which are slower but equally as well designed to fill the stadiums. For example, "So Alive" and "Out of Control". And of course, the brilliant acoustic wonder of the album closer, "Opened My Eyes".
However, the strongest tracks on the album are without a doubt the harmonica infused "First Time I Saw You" and "Face in the Crowd". These tracks manage to fuse multiple styles together to create classic Theme tracks - rock 'n' roll, britpop, British blues, indie and ska.
This album, all in all, is a must have for any lover of guitar driven indie rock and roll. Get your copy now!
All photographs are taken from the official Facebook page of The Theme.
Be sure to get yourself a copy of The Theme's sensational debut album "Time for Change". Their follow-up EP "Hits the Sky" is also available now!

Hope you enjoyed this feature on The Theme!
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