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MIDNIGHT IN PARIS: An interview with 60's-inspired pop outfit The Oreoh!s!

1 - What is your earliest musical memory and what inspired you to pursue a career in the music business?
Henry: "This is really awkward but I used to listen to Status Quo on the way to Scarborough and I asked for a guitar every Christmas till I got one and I recently discovered the song again, it was Pictures of Match Stick Men by Quo."

Ez: "Just listening to The Beach Boys in the back of the car with Sid when we were really young and joining in with all the harmonies. We come from quite a musical family as well so we were always messing about with instruments from a young age."
2 - Had you been involved with any other bands prior to The Oreoh!s?
Sid: "Nope, The Oreoh!s is the first band we have all been in."
3 - How did The Oreoh!s begin?
 Esme: "We all met at a party and in the room was a piano. We all took a section of the piano and ended up making a song together."
Sid: "We then decided to meet up for a practice, despite me and Ez not being able to play an instrument at all! It started from there really."
4 - Where did the name The Oreoh!s come from?
 Sid: "It means lovely in Greek. There’s also a small 60’s soul label called Oriole and the name was kind of adapted from that!"
5 - How would you describe the sound of The Oreoh!s?
Henry: "I would say we have a lot of influenced from post punk up tempo guitar and fast drum beats but also we have a pop side with the guitar hooks and melodies."
Esme: "Also a lot of 60’s inspired surf and soul sounds in there."
6 - Your latest EP is called 'Sunny Daze And Sleepless Nights'. What inspired this title?
Henry: "I think it represents pretty well how the EP consists of upbeat melodies, like Truth Be Told and Deduce, representing the 'Sunny Daze' and then that is contrasted with slightly darker songs like Clover and Midnight In Paris (Sleepless Nights)."
7 - Is there anything that inspired the EP as a whole? 
Henry: "Not really sure what inspired it really just that we were dying to get back into the studio to get down four of our strongest tracks at the time."
8 - How would you describe the evolution of your sound between your first EP and your second EP?
Sid: "I think we have improved and adapted our sound and obviously written better songs."
Ez: "We have kept certain aspects the same really, keeping in the melodies and harmonies and pop hooks. You can obviously see that in our second EP slightly punkier sounds came out."
9 - Who would be your dream collaboration?
Sid: "We’re all massive Pixies fans so it would have to be them!"
10 - Any new songs in the pipeline?
Ez: "Yeah we have been going mad recently writing new songs, a few of which should be on our next EP. Really looking forward to playing some of the new ones live as well."
11 - When can fans be expecting a new single, EP or album?
Henry: "Hopefully have something out in November, if all goes to plan."
12 - Any live dates coming up?
Sid: "We’re currently recording and writing through September but have a few coming very soon, watch this space!"
13 - Who would be in your dream super group?
Sid: "It would have to be Richard ‘Pistol’ Allen on drums! Ace drummer."
Ez: "I think Kim Deal on bass and Diana Ross on vocals."
Henry: "Definitely Joey Santiago on lead guitar, Edwyn Collins on rhythm and bits of vocals too."
Sid: "I think that would make quite a weird band but it would be great!"
1 - Favourite Beatle?
Sid: "Ringo."
Ez: "Ringo."
Henry: "George Harrison"
2 - Favourite band?
Sid: "The Supremes." 
Ez – "Bleached."
Henry – "Pixies."
3 - Favourite new band?
Sid: "Childhood."
Ez - "Best Friends."
Henry - "Telekinesis."
4 - Favourite song?
Sid: "And She Was by Talking Heads."
Ez: "Do I Love You by The Ronettes."
Henry: "Night Club by The Specials."
5 - Favourite album?
Sid: "The Soft Bulletin by The Flaming Lips."
Ez - "Blondie by Blondie."
Henry - "Ride Your Heart by Bleached."
6 - Vinyl, CD or download?
All: "Vinyl."
7 - Favourite clothing brand?
Sid: "Anything vintage really or Dr Martens."
Ez: "This is really too hard to pick one!"
Henry: "Ben Sherman."
8 - Favourite film?
Sid: "Rebel Without A Cause."
Ez: "Kill Bill."
Henry: "Jackie Brown"
9 - Favourite TV show?
Sid: "This Is England."
Ez: "Friends."
Henry: "How I Met Your Mother."
10 - Who would play you in a film of your life?
Sid: "Winona Ryder."
Ez: "Uma Thurman." 
Henry: "James Dean."
11 - Favourite food?
Sid: "Olives."
Ez: "Pizza."
Henry: "Me too, pizza."
12 - Football team?
All: "None of us really follow football so England I guess haha!"
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