Saturday, 7 September 2013

NOWHERE IN SIGHT: An interview with Newcastle-based rockers Blackjack (this one's pretty out there)!

1 - What was your earliest musical memory and what inspired you towards perusing a career in music?
"We got gang raped by Black Sabbath at 6 years old."
2 - Had you been involved with any other bands prior to Blackjack?
"Black Sabbath."
3 - How did Blackjack begin?
"Dancing  naked round a fire singing Bohemian Rhapsody (actually true)."
4 - Where did the name Blackjack come from?
"A Turkish man's dog (actually true)."
5 - How would you describe the sound of Blackjack?
6 - Your debut EP was called 'Three Piece Boots And Cowboy Suits'. Where did you get this name from?
7 - You have more recently released your second EP. How would you describe the evolution of your sound since the first EP?
"Bigger, louder, harder, faster, stronger, never over."
8 - What has influenced the songs on your two EP's?
"Girls, weed and beer and various other class A's...B's and C's."
9 - Who would be your dream collaboration?
"Mick Jagger and Gazza."
10 - Any new songs in the pipeline?
"Always adding new songs to our live set. We are recording a third EP at the end of the year."
11 - When can fans be expecting a new single, EP or album?
"We are recording a third EP at the end of the year."
12 - Any live dates coming up?
"We usually play two or three gigs a week."
13 - Who would be in your dream super group?
"The cast of Auf Wiedersehen Pet."
1 - Favourite Beatle?
2 - Favourite band?
3 - Favourite new band?
4 - Favourite song?
"Blackjack - The Gent."
5 - Favourite album?
6 - Vinyl, CD or download?
7 - Style icon?
8 - Favourite clothing brand?
"Medieval battle gear."
9 - Favourite film?
"Specific Rim."
10 - Favourite TV show?
"See part 1, question 13."
11 - Who would play you in a film of your life?
"See part 2, question 7."
12 - Favourite food?
"Flame N Grill (opposite to Digital in town). 'Kebab meets chips chili and garlic sauce can of Dr. Pepper please' £4.50."
13 - Football team?
"NUFC 4 Lyf."
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