Saturday, 25 January 2014

AUTO-DESTRUCTIVE ART: A little review of Swedish beat band The Most's debut album "Auto-Destructive Art"!

Below is our review of The Most's brilliant debut album 'Auto-Destructive Art'! There are also some excerpts from out interview with Magnus and Frans from last year for you to enjoy!
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"If you're a fan of all things sixties then this one's for you. Swedish beat band The Most have steadily been increasing their fan base and garnering acclaim for over a decade before the release of the piece of art that is their debut album, 'Auto-Destructive Art'. From start to finish, the album is high-energy, adrenaline-fuelled rock and roll. The opening track, 'Problems', demonstrates the sixties influence straight away as the catchy track dissolves into a reprise of the Small Faces' 'What'cha Gonna Do About It'. It only gets better from there as the lead single, 'So Wrong', demonstrates some fine jangling guitar a la Byrds with some superb harmonising vocals. Meanwhile, 'Spiderman' brings back memories of the 'Batman Theme' as covered by bands such as The Who, The Jam and the brilliant Link Wray, however, it still retains the uniqueness of any track by The Most. The album continues on the same course with the vicious, aggressive vocals that 'She's A Sensation' is set to. This track also features the fine backdrop of some Little Richard-esque rock and roll piano which is never a bad thing. 'Do You Wanna Know' sounds seductive and charming with rumbling bass and infection guitar hooks while 'Beat Girl' revives the jangly Byrds guitar that was heard earlier and also features some percussion reminiscent of The Byrds too. The album concludes with the exceptional combo that is 'Blow Your Mind' and 'Stickin' Out With You'. Bring on the second album!"
1 - "So Wrong"
2 - "Really Good"
3 - "Blow Your Mind"
4 - "Problems"
How would you describe the sound of The Most?

Magnus: "Beat music."

You have a very retro look about you as a band and your music also harks back to the sixties beat boom. Do you consider yourself to be a retro band and what do you find so inspirational about the sixties?
Frans: "First of all, what we do comes absolutely naturally. Subconsciously we draw inspiration from what we like but most of the time it might be from the same roots as most sixties bands, that is, delta blues, bluegrass, black soul and R&B."
Magnus: "There are three things that make a good song: melody, groove and energy." 
Your latest single is called 'So Wrong'. What is the song itself about and what influenced it?
Frans: "The vulnerability of human nature...sounds pretentious doesn't it! And that it's OK to be wrong, we love you anyway...haha."

Excepts of interview taken from our interview with Frans and Magnus from last year!
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