Friday, 24 January 2014

YOUNG LOVE: We review Moon Party's brilliant new single "Caught Up"!

Below is our feature on Moon Party's brand new single "Caught Up". It features a review and some excerpts from an interview that we did with them earlier this month. To see the full interview click here -
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"So, here it is, the triumphant return of Glasgow's very own Moon Party. After the release of an EP last year, the duo have kicked off 2014 with a bang in the form of a brand new single entitled 'Caught Up'. The song itself introduces itself with infection synths backed by a rattling hi-hat. This is then complimented with a Brandon Flowers-esque vocal. The song itself is about the love hate relationship that band member Tom Kearns has with Glasgow's nightlife and judging by the upbeat nature of the track it seems to be more about the 'love' than the 'hate'! The tune grows and builds with a catchy chorus that will surly be electric live. Overall, a brilliant synthpop tune with tinges of rock and roll - what more can we ask for."
The new single is called ‘Caught Up’. The song is reminiscent of some of The Killers’ recordings. Was this the direction you were trying to go in?
Tom: "Not particularly. We get compared to them a lot which is cool of course but I think there's more to us than that."
Lee: "They do tend to find their way into a lot of our stuff as they are huge for both of us."
Tom: "The band that got me into writing music, really."
Lee: "But in the studio the influences being banded about were M83, Phoenix, A Flock Of Seagulls, New Order and other eighties stuff. We're both eighties daft."
What is the song about and what influenced it?
Tom: "It's half about the love/hate relationship I have with the Glasgow nightlife, and half about girls. Those two things go hand in hand I suppose. I'd say at least half of our songs are at least half about girls."
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