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JUST THE WAY WE LIKE IT: Our feature on Kartica's new EP 'Last Gang In Town'! Features a review and band member Joe talks us through the EP track by track!

Below is our feature on Kartica's superb EP 'Last Gang In Town'! You can see our review of the EP in Part 1 and in Part 2 you can see band member Joe Troughton talk us through the EP track by track!
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PART 1 - "AB SAYS..."
"To fill stadiums the eighties had U2, the nineties had Oasis, the noughties had Kasabian and the 2010's will have Kartica. This six-song EP entitled 'Last Gang In Town' backs this up perfectly as the band unleash their arena rock sound on our hears in a beautifully crafted set of songs that clocks in at just under half an hour. You can hear it all - soaring vocals, roaring guitars and a driving rhythm section. It may be easy for reviewers to pigeon hole this band as 'the new Oasis' but we truly do believe there is something more to them than this which is perhaps best demonstrated in the anthemic tones of lead track 'Hard To Find'. Other highlights include the opening combo of 'Where It All Begins' and 'Lonely When It's Gone' which truly do set the tone for anthemic rock with the swagger of the britpop movement of the nineties. However, Kartica are not all flat out rock and roll as they demonstrate well on the acoustic guitar driven 'Fortnight From Now' and the much more laidback 'Dare To Dream'. The EP finishes with a bang with perhaps the strongest song of the lot in the form of the superb 'Just The Way We Like It'. This has perhaps the strongest chorus and will surely be a huge sing-along moment live. Overall, an exceptional EP by a band that will surely be filling the stadiums one day soon."
Band member Joe Troughton talks us through the EP track by track!
"Where It All Begins"
"This is an upbeat & catchy song with a weird chord in it that I don't even know the name of! I think it's Bsus98add7A. Lyrically, and the last thing I want to do is sound political in any way, it is basically about the contradictions and hypocritical nature of today's society. It drives me mad and it upsets me that it leaves so many people confused at the thought of what to do to 'fit in'. Think 'Daily Mail'. Everyone should just feel free to be their self!"
"Lonely When It's Gone"
"Sing-along chorus! I love the simplicity of this song in terms of chords, riff and structure. It's basically about fighting to keep hold of something that has meant a lot to you for a number of years (not necessarily your missus!) It's immense to play live with the tempo changes etcetera - the crowd go mental! I love how it's recorded which is amazing really considering we'd gigged the night before, been blind drunk and the bass player had had zero sleep!"
"Hard To Find"
"One of my very favourite Kartica songs. To me, musically, it sums up everything about what Kartica should be and are. The lyrics are about keeping things simple and not having your thoughts clouded by surrounding nonsense. It's about perspective; most things are sorted pretty easily if you take a step back. 'It's getting hard to find, but it's easy to see'."
"Fortnight From Now"
"I love this one although I would say that because I sing it! Recorded in five hours from start to finish in what was meant to be the first of two studio sessions; it came out so well I didn't want to change anything about it. Lyrically, it's basically about not being afraid to make decisions; sometimes you've gotta make your mind up and embrace change. Positivity all the way. There's also a touch of sentiment in there which I'm a sucker for, to be honest."
"Dare To Dream"
 "Written by Hooky so you'd have to speak to him about the lyrical content. My take on it is that it's about sticking together, not worrying too much and looking forwards; telling someone close to you that you've got their back no matter what. The riff is beyond epic in my opinion."
"Just The Way We Like It"
"Again, an absolute live winner. It's just catchy rock and roll with a massive, uplifting chorus. That's what music is all about as far as I'm concerned. It's about unity, hope and belief."
Be sure to bag yourself a copy of this EP it's going to be a rare gem one day! Also, if you happen to be in Sheffield on the 29th March be sure to get along to the Bar Abbey on Abbeydale Road to see Kartica perform live as part of 'The Underground Gig'! It promises to be a good night and the performance is being filmed!
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