Friday, 3 January 2014

WALK ME TO THE SEA: Something a bit different from Liverpool band Silent Sleep!

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For our interview with Silent Sleep the band suggested that we do something a bit different - get their fans to ask the questions. You can see the end result below....
John Gibbons, Liverpool: "When you go to the Chinese what do you have?"
Chris, Silent Sleep: "The Blue Canary is a filibuster! Is it safe? We can go where we want to!"
Andrew Donovan, Liverpool: "Do you have a special place, online?"
Chris, Silent Sleep: "A place where they will never find and we can dress real neat from our hats to our feet."
Laura Beltram, Spain: "You OK hun?"
Chris, Silent Sleep: "Not to put too fine a point on it but I am."
Paul Williams, Sheffield: "Hi Chris. You have a song about being coloured in. What is your favourite colour of person?"
Chris, Silent Sleep: "Blue."
James Mounsey, Sunderland: "Hi Chris. Why so f****** miserable all the time?"
Chris, Silent Sleep: "You can act real rude and totally removed and I can act like an imbecile. Though I respect that a lot, I'm your only friend."
Christopher Torpey, Liverpool: "Hi Chris. What's your favourite flava?"   
Chris, Silent Sleep: "We can go when we want to! We can act if we want to! My story's infinite..."
Golden Tony, The Internet: "Hi Chris, thanks for the add mate. I want to know what's the least amount of time you'd watch Hulk Hogan in the shower for? Cheers."
Chris, Silent Sleep: "Who watched over you? I'm leaving out the whistles and bells!"
Leo Kyp, Liverpool: "Pop or slash?"
Chris, Silent Sleep: "Everything, as long as we abuse it."
Michael Legge, London: "What can the fattest you've ever seen?"
Chris, Silent Sleep: "Like the Longines Symphonette it doesn't rest."
Andrew Ellis, Romford: "Robocop?"
Chris, Silent Sleep: "But I am! I respect that a is my job."
Joe Shooman, Bangor: "Hi Chris, given the central theological tenet of faith and its inherent uncertainty from a scientific point of view, is it valid to postulate that the initial stance of any theist is unstable and therefore ultimately resistant to empiricism?"

Chris, Silent Sleep: "Actually, everything is out of control. Look at your hands...who watched over you? I have a secret to tell you. My primitive ancestry, they are no friends of mine - as long as we abuse it, we're never gonna lose it."

Graeme Bell, Formby: "How many films have you seen?"

Chris, Silent Sleep: "Jason and the Argonauts."

Paul Rafferty, Frodsham: "Do you have a favourite mic cable?"

Chris, Silent Sleep: "As I've posted about a dozen times, try Belden 9182 Ian network cable. Or use the General Cable/Carol equiv 8014. Runs about 23 cents a foot. Comes in a 500 foot reel. Real stiff, don't trip! Use Neutrik connectors and pound out the plastic insert in the strain relief. 8 pf capacitance per foot, 14 omhs impedance. Holds up to $1500 Kimber stuff, not as 'pretty', but just as open. All other audio 'mic' cables are filters in comparison. Listen and believe."

Matthew Smith, Liverpool: "If you were forced to choose how to die, would you rather drown in a vat of period blood, or a vat of semen?"

Chris, Silent Sleep: "Everything! Look at your hands!"

Helen Wilkie, a boat: "How sweaty do you like your women? Asking for a friend."

Chris, Silent Sleep: "Is it safe to dance?"

Lee Monkman, Chester: "Do you prefer AV1 or AV2 on your TV settings?"

Chris, Silent Sleep: "It varies Lee. Just depends on what kind of mood I'm in or how hungover I am. If I'm feeling delicate I'll always choose AV2 but if I'm out partying I'll stick with AV1."

Tom Loxley, Liverpool: "Why, why, why Delilah?"

Chris, Silent Sleep: "I was shackled with a 24 year old girl from New York City for two weeks - about the time of the garbage strike out there, and one night my 34 year old woman arrived and she said, 'I want to see my rival'. She did and then she said, 'oh, you're a cute little thing!' Next I knew there was a screech of wildcats - such screaming and scratching, wounded animal moans, blood and piss...I was drunk and in my shorts. I tried to separate them and fell, wrenched my knee. Then they were through the screen door and down the walk and out into the street. Squad cars full of cops arrived. A police helicopter circled overhead. I stood in the bathroom and grinned in the mirror. It's not often at the age of 55 that such splendid things occur. Better than the Watts riots. The 34 year old came back in. She had pissed  all over herself and her clothing was torn and she was followed by two cops who wanted to know why. Pulling up my shorts I tried to explain."

Julian Bennett, Slough: "Hypothetically, would you be scared if someone put a tattoo of their buttocks on your face?"

Chris, Silent Sleep: "I was born with a tattoo of somebody's buttocks on my face. That's why so miserable."

Gregory Macoy, Liverpool: "Who is your favourite member of Silent Sleep, and why?"

Chris, Silent Sleep: "Probably me because I write I am the creative driving force. Without me Silent Sleep would be nothing. Even more nothing than what it is now."

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  1. I am very pleased that iconic artist do somany questions that helpful for knowledge of thing!

  2. One trick, 3 chord, xylophone abusing, Andy Capp cap wearing , stick on beard wannabe fakester. Obviously.

  3. This is the most amazing interview I have ever read!