Saturday, 11 January 2014

ONE VOWEL AWAY FROM THE TRUTH: Our review of the fine album by Groovy Uncle featuring Suzi Chunk!

"Do you like The Beatles? The Beach Boys? The Kinks? Herman's Hermits? The Small Faces? Do you like your music upbeat, with driving drums, melodic guitars and sixties-style harmonies? Well, if the answer is yes, then step this way - 'One Vowel Away From The Truth' by Groovy Uncle featuring the amazing Welsh songstress, Suzi Chunk. The collaboration to start with is an idea of pure genius, as are the fourteen songs contained within. 'Neptune Girl' sounds as if it is sung by Brian Wilson and the harmonies by The Beach Boys, as do the harmonies on 'Memory'. Meanwhile, 'Brand New Badge' demonstrates a fine R&B flair and 'Human Scaffold' is a modern sixties ballad (if you can get such a thing!) To add to the album on the whole are the exciting, joyful guitars of 'Me And My Fair Weather Friend' and 'I Know Where The Sun Shines'. The latter surely will be an anthem of the 2014 summer, at least for us at AB Records! However, the album is not all flat out beat, rock and roll and rhythm and blues as they take a step back on 'When I Saw Love' and the aforementioned 'Human Scaffold'. This is no bad thing as it comes across like one of The Kinks' more chilled out numbers ('Sunny Afternoon' etcetera). Overall, a fine album and this is, in the reign of One Direction and The Wanted, what we need more of. Get yourself a copy and roll on Groovy Uncle and Suzi Chunk!"
1 - 'I Know Where The Sun Shines'
2 - 'Neptune Girl'
3 - 'Memory'
4 - 'Human Scaffold'
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