Sunday, 20 October 2013

HOW: Our interview with Liam McClair who recently released his EP, 'How'!

1 - What was your first musical memory and what pushed you towards pursuing a career in the record industry?
"My first musical memory was my mum playing a blues song on the piano and me and my best pal dancing around my lounge to it, we must have been about six or seven. It was fantastic and the effect the music had on us has stayed with me. I decided to pursue a career in music as I love singing and writing and the idea of touring is my dream. Visiting new cities and playing gigs to different crowds every night then moving onto the next place sounds incredible."
2 - Had you been involved with any other bands prior to becoming a solo artist as Liam McClair?
"No, I was never one of those kids who sang in all the concerts, I started the guitar through GCSE music then played in my room learning my favourite songs and writing my songs. Then I have always performed alone but I would love to play with a band."
3 - Why did you choose to become a solo artist instead of forming a band?
"It wasn't a particularly conscious decision, I decided to focus on gigging often and it seemed easier to just have my guitar and my head to take to each place. It has just been more manageable and I can do as many gigs as I can and I am not reliant on anyone but myself and perhaps I feel my songs are very personal and therefore, I like to perform them myself."
4 - How would you describe the sound of Liam McClair?
"Chilled, acoustic music. I hope my songs are catchy so there is a pop element to them as well as influences from folk music. My voice is quite unique too so I hope that makes me memorable. I am not sure what genre I would be in though. I will leave that to the listeners to decide!"
5 - Your most recent EP is called ‘How’. Why did you choose this title for your EP?
"There is a track on the EP called 'How' and it is named after that. I wrote it about when you feel besotted by someone to the point where you put them on a pedestal and in actual fact they are just the same as anyone else, but somehow their looks elevate them to a higher level of importance. I was trying to capture the feeling I had the first time I saw someone I truly wanted to spend time with and truly desired."
6 - Do you have any 'rituals' before going on stage?
"Not really, tune my guitar? I guess that is just good practice though. Usually I do not have a great deal of time before starting to play so I don't think I would have much time for any rituals."
7 - Any live dates coming up?
"Yeah, on the 20th October am I playing at Odder Bar on Oxford Road for Hive Radio, for more updates of my gigs you can visit my facebook page and twitter page."
8 - Any new songs in the pipeline?
"Yeah, I recorded another four track EP with Hourglass Productions in Manchester. It was fantastic; they are great guys to work with. It is currently being mixed but it is very exciting. I am also looking to record three more tracks with a producer in Liverpool called Steph Marziano so there is plenty of new material on the way!"
9 - When can fans be expecting the next release?
"I am not sure yet, the end of the year or the start of next year. Once the EP is mixed I can decide when it comes out. I only released 'How' in June so I may wait a while yet."
10 - Who would be your dream collaboration?
"I think Stevie Wonder, he is an artist I have always admired and his ability to write such upbeat and memorable songs is something I envy. His song 'Superstition' might be one of my favourite songs ever, especially to dance to. So to collaborate with him would be incredible."
11 - Who would be in your dream super group?
"Keyboard - Stevie Wonder, vocals - Bill Withers and guitar - Joni Mitchell. I guess it would kind of be folk funk, but I would dig it."
1 - Favourite Beatle?
"George Harrison."
2 - Favourite band?
"Arctic Monkeys."
3 - Favourite new band?
"Alt-J, there debut album is the thing I have listened to most recently. It is fantastic."
4 - Favourite song?
"War, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble."
5 - Favourite album?
"The Bends, Radiohead. It was always on in the car when I was growing up so I have fond memories of listening to it."
6 - Vinyl, CD or download?
"Vinyl, I bought one in my second year of university and fell for it completely. The crackle at the start of each record brings such a nostalgic feel to the tracks and as it lends itself much better to listening to a whole album through."
7 - Style icon?
"I wouldn't say I had one really, I used to be criticised a lot in my house at uni for my dress sense, they would probably say Bananarama! I quite like nineties fashion so I like to shop in charity shops and to try and find more vintage style clothes but anything goes really."  
8 - Favourite clothing brand?
"Again I don't really have one. I guess I quite like Ralph Lauren polo's so I'll say them."
9 - Favourite film?
"Shawshank Redemption."
10 - Favourite TV show?
11 - Who would play you in a film of your life?
"When I had longer hair I used to get people saying I looked like Zac Efron, so I'll chose him."
12 - Favourite food?
"Macaroni cheese."
13 - Football team?
"Manchester United, although I am going to try and get down to some Macclesfield Town games, support my local team!"
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