Tuesday, 8 October 2013

MILES HIGH: We review Casual Agenda's latest single "The Notion"!

Photo: We will be doing another feature on Casual Agenda tonight! This time we are going to be reviewing their latest single, 'The Notion'! If you haven't done already you can catch their interview from last month at the link below! AB Records 

The A-Side - "The Notion" [4:17]
Written by Peter Roper
Peter "Pedro" Roper - Vocals/Electric Guitar
Joe Service - Bass
Daniel Bott - Drums/Keyboard/Percussion
Produced by Dan Whillett @ Univibe, Birmingham
The B-Side - "Miles High" [4:05]
Written by Peter Roper
Peter "Pedro" Roper - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
So, "The Notion", Casual Agenda's new single. What can we say? Stunning. Starting with a simple but catchy guitar riff it builds up and before we know it the drums have made a storming entry. These pacey drums and the catchy riff gradually build up into the crescendo that is the chorus, all the while being backed up by the driving bassline. Furthermore, the vocals do not disappoint one bit either as they provide a depth that is not found in many other bands of the up and coming rock and roll scene of the UK. So in a nutshell, how would we describe this song? Well, the band themselves have said that it has a "modern northern soul" feel to it. And this is a good description in that you can through some shapes to it! However, the song is more rock and roll and it takes the standard 21st century formula for indie rock from the Arctic Monkeys, The Libertines and The Enemy and develops it into a unique brand that we can only hope to hear more of. A stunning track from a band so early on in their career!
Meanwhile, the B-side, 'Miles High', is a more laid back affair with just one voice and one guitar. Think of the early Oasis B-sides such as "Take Me Away" and you'll be given a pretty good idea of what to expect to hear. Also, we would like to put emphasis on the fact that this is not a standard B-side (an outtake from an album, an old throwaway tune) but it truly is a great track in itself.
Overall, this is eight minutes of music that you will not regret hearing! We would give this record an eight out of ten and it is definitely worth getting a hold of! Casual Agenda are definitely one for the future! Keep an eye on them!
Casual Agenda hope to be releasing another single in November so watch this space!
Hope you enjoyed this feature on Casual Agenda! Check out our previous feature on The Barefoot Band!
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