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 1 - What is your earliest musical memory and what pushed you towards pursuing a career in the music business?
 Dennis: "I know it sounds clichéd, but The Beatles were my main influence..."
Will: "Listening to Status Quo in the car with my dad, and later hearing Metallica from my older brother."
Jamie: "Metallica were my first sort of musical influences."
Andy: "My earliest musical memory would probably be listening to Queen while decorating our new house with my dad. Watching Pantera live for hours on end is what made me want to pursue a career in music."
Ryan: I've always been a big fan of Meat Loaf and AC/DC, since I was young. Phil Rudd from AC/DC is the guy who made me want to be a drummer."
2 - Had you been involved in any other bands or musical ventures before Wasted Years?
Will: "Yes, with a hard rock band called Breaking Silence."
Ryan: "Myself, Dennis and Jamie were in our previous band If Looks Could Kill, before legal issues regarding the name meant we became Wasted Years, and got Will and Andy on  board."
3 - How did Wasted Years begin?
Dennis: "Well, we found Will as he was a friend of Ryan's through college, and he introduced us to Andy, and we just sort of took it from there."
4 - Where did the name Wasted Years come from?
Ryan: "I came up with the name after listening to Iron Maiden, I thought the title of their track, Wasted Years, summed up us, as myself, Dennis and Jamie had spent years playing school talents shows and small pub gigs with previous incarnations of "If Looks Could Kill" before we eventually started to get somewhere with the current band."
5 - How would you describe the sound of Wasted Years?
Dennis: "Alt rock with a heavier edge."
6 - Do you have any 'rituals' before you go on stage?
Will: "Well I always listen to Of Mice and Men just before I go on stage."
Jamie: "I like to listen to a full album by a band that best suits my mood that night."
Dennis: "I like to drink a pint of Guiness and some honey before I go on, to get my throat in shape."
Ryan: "I like to check my facebook and twitter if that counts?
7 - Any live dates coming up?
 Will: "No, as we are currently in the process of writing and putting together our self-produced first album."
8 - Any new songs in the pipeline?
Dennis: "Yes, a full albums worth, but all will be revealed in time."
9 - When can fans expect the next official release?
Ryan: "No idea as of yet, but we're hoping to have it ready soon."
10 - Who would be your dream collaboration?
Dennis: "Probably Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember."
Will: "Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park."
Ryan: "Definitely Jenna McDougall from Tonight Alive."
Andy: "It'd have to be Jonathon Davis from Korn."

Jamie: "Craig Mabbit from Escape The Fate."
11 - Who would be in your dream super group?
"Okay, for this question we've just chosen who would replace ourselves in the band."
Dennis: "Corey Taylor."
Jamie: "Kirk Hammett."
Will: "Mark Tremonti."
Ryan: "Phil Rudd."
Andy: "Bill Sheehan."
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